Monday, 4 June 2012

"It had to be done" - TPP Like It

Jun 4, 12:03 PM EDT

2 sex offenders shot to death in Clallam County

"PORT ANGELES, Wash. (AP) -- The Clallam County sheriff says a man suspected of shooting two sex offenders to death left a note saying he hated sex offenders and "it had to be done."

Sheriff Bill Benedict says investigators believe Patrick Drum shot Gary Lee Blanton on Saturday night at a home Drum was renting near Sequim. Blanton was renting a room in the home.

Benedict says Drum then drove to the home of Jerry Wayne Ray in the nearby Agnew area where he was killed.

The sheriff says Drum abandoned a rental car and reports of a suspicious man in the area Sunday led deputies to respond. The note in the car led to the victims and identified Drum as a suspect.

He was tracked and arrested in a wooded area."

Hatred of sex offenders may be motive in fatal shootings

PUBLISHED: 06:35, 5 June 2012 | UPDATED: 09:00, 5 June 2012

Vigilante who was killing sex offenders arrested: Police swoop on ex-convict as he planned more 'murders after shooting two paedophiles [sic]'

"Anyone guilty of sex with a prepubescent child (not someone capable of child-bearing, consent, or enticement) deserves to die. Life imprisonment does not exist - it has failed to deter. If the law was not controlled by a Marxist political class, this is what would happen, and vigilantes would not exist.

- Brian Williams, Dover, UK, 05/6/2012 16:36
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Is it just me, or does anyone else secretly admire this man? I'm not suggesting we should all go out and kill the people we don't like, but if society made sure paedophiles were always given the death penalty, then he wouldn't have had anyone to kill. Surely our anger should be directed towards the paedophiles.
- Sarah, Wales, 05/6/2012 16:31
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Every sex offender is somebody's son

"This story out of Tacoma, Washington represents both my biggest fear, and the vexing fact that even in death, a murdered sex offender is just that and nothing more.

Most of the articles covering this story refer to Gary Lee Blanton and Jerry Wayne Ray as "rapists" who were "shot dead." As a fellow advocate said yesterday, "Animals are 'shot dead.' People are murdered."

He's right. If either of the two men had been virtually anyone else, or even had criminal convictions that were not considered sex offenses, we might not even hear about the shooting to begin with. But if we did, we'd hear about how they were gunned down in cold blood and left behind a wife and a mother and two children. We'd see photographs of a crying woman with her head in her hands and there would be quotes from friends and community members talking about what a senseless loss it was."

Posted: 6:35 p.m. Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wife of slain sex offender: 'Nobody has any compassion'

"Wife of slain sex offender speaks out (video)

The wife of a convicted sex offender who was targeted and killed over the weekend said Tuesday she’s sickened by people who have called the man accused in the crime a hero.

Gary Blanton was one of two sex offenders shot and killed by Patrick Drum in Clallam County, investigators said.

“My husband wasn’t a predator,” Leslie Blanton said. “My husband was the victim of a horrible murder and nobody has any compassion about that. They don’t care.”"
14 hours ago

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Little more need be said.



  1. its time to fight back. contact me at and i will help you successfully file the most successful lawsuit in the history of mankind. the registry isnt remotely remedial the laws are grossly unfair for any person on the registry dangerous or not. we can beat them we can get our rights restored. we can change cori rules. we can end the registry like prohibitiion was ended in 1933.

  2. Thank you for commenting Daniel.

    We wish you all the best, in your fight for equal treatment and safety.

    The OSC.

  3. The headline needs to read those that shot sex offenders are religious freaks. I used to have over one thousand in my news letter and as long as I tried to apologize and talk about the bible people were willing to write and call. The moment I tried to stand up for myself and talk about the wrongs all I got was death threats. I still get them but no more Mr. pushover.

  4. Thank you for your comment, Keith. Keep safe.

    The OSC.