Monday, 11 June 2012

Stopping 'Pedos' Doing What? Help Doing What?

Dumfries and Galloway Unofficial Pedo-Stoppers

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Closed group

"Plz post reliable information about paedophiles [sic] in your area. This is a peaceful group, as such we WILL NOT tolerate members using the group to organize violence. If the individual you post about has not been convicted yet, you MUST emphasize that the individual is an 'alleged' paedophile [sic] etc. or has 'allegedly' done whatever.

Thankyou for taking the time to read through our rules. I hope this group helps you and others."

Addendum (18/06/2102)

Government and Authorities: Holding back information to locals about paedophiles [sic] moved into there [sic] area

"Created By

Lizzie Boyce Dumfries, United Kingdom

"marie pattinson

about 8 hours ago
because they all failed to tell me... thats the police, social services.newcastle city coucil. my own father his evil fucking wife.. the lot of the cunts... and the police just protected the evil basterds so fuck the police i wish when it comes to things like this people take the law into there own hands because they dont do enough to protect any children anywhere.. since 2006 there was a paedophile in newcastle and he went from images to touching children in 5 years he had been cought 3 times for looking at images of young girls got jailed twice for 3 months and was on the sex offenders list and later went on touching a young boy who he was baby sitting and only got 18 months jail and now he.s out on the prowl again and i know for a fact the next child he get he wont let talk this time....this is a monster that is 24 years old now hes called xxxxx ... xxxxx ..... hes the son of my fathers new wife me and my 2 kids ate sunday dinners every week with this monster and his evil mother who knew what her son was and still took the chance of having my children at the same table as him... and the fucking poxy stupid police fucker them idiots i seen with my kids in my fathers house on 2 different times when they come to pick the monster xxxxx up to go sigh the list every when ever they sigh at the police station.. they saw me in the same house and never said any thing to why there was children there ??????????... fuck every one of the twisted fucks."

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