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First Heal Thyself

Friday, June 22 2012

Paedophile DL sentenced

"A depraved paedophile who made sick films of himself abusing three young children and posted them on the internet has been jailed for at least seven years.

Under the sentence of imprisonment for public protection, DL will only be released if the parole board considers he is no longer a danger.

Branding the abuse "appalling", Judge Philip Statman told him: "You would be deluding yourself if you thought you would necessarily be released at the first opportunity of seven years."

Kingpin [sic] of international paedophile ring [sic] who raped children and spread videos of the attacks is jailed indefinitely

"Crispian Cartwright, defending, described the offending as 'an absolutely lamentable catalogue and about as depressing to read as anything can be'.

He added: 'This is a man who through his own admission showed he was a paedophile. He faced up to it. He has the terrible misfortune to be cursed with paedophilia.'"

"anyone who can give me a good argument as to why this evil and depraved person shouldn't be executed is just as bad and warped as him!! People like this are prime candidates for the death penalty! Why would anyone want this person to carry on existing as part of society, even inside a cushy jail????

- John H, Bolton, 22/6/2012 13:03"

15 minutes with me in a room and a horse whip...... then he can be locked away for good - Sherlock, Oxon, 21/6/2012 18:04 Join the queue. I won't be using a horsewhip though. Wonder where i could aquire brass knuckles.

- Oli, Braintree, Englishland, 22/6/2012 12:22

He openly admits what and who he is this is a clear cut case!!!!! Bring back the death penalty this would be the easiest decision i have every made - JH, Bournemouth, 22/6/2012 10:23

One would think there may be a consensus of opinion that animals like him should be put down rather than go to the public expense of keeping him in jail. - Alcox, Torrevieja Spain, 22/6/2012 8:52

In any sane society, such a sick and dangerous predator would be destroyed so that he could never harm anyone again. Why do we persist in keeping alive such ever-present dangers to the most vulnerable members of our society ?

- N.Cockburn, Falkirk, UK, 22/6/2012 7:32

I cannot comprehend what this thing is. They says it is a disease? I do not want to look at like this, yes im ignorant. I want him to suffer the same, especially mentaly. Anguish to the point where he is deprived of his sick thought process and he comes back to rational thought.

- Andy, Ipswich, 22/6/2012 7:12

You can not rehabilitate these people, hanging is the only answer.

- John, God's Country, 21/6/2012 23:58

When will this country wake up. There is no cure for what he has, straight people like the opposite sex, gay people the same sex and this disgusting person is a paedophile and his preference is children. Nothing will change that. Vile waste of oxygen.

- katy, Wales, 21/6/2012 18:24"

Chris Wittwer shared a link


Heather Gouveia i would be so so happy to put them on a desert island ! death penalty is just too quick and far to good for people like this !! desert island starving, thirsty, slow death , just what they deserve !!
Thursday at 14:04

Shá Jwáni Háwler Sick monster , makes me just wanna spit at my phone screen , needs more than locking up , he needs a fucking elephants trunk up his arse and more , dirty fucker
Thursday at 13:55"

June 22, 2012 -- Updated 0232 GMT (1032 HKT)

Do pedophiles deserve sympathy?

"Editor's note: James Cantor, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, is a psychologist and senior scientist at the Sexual Behaviors Clinic of the Center for Addiction and Mental Health. He is editor in chief of "Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment" and blogs at Sexology Today.

(CNN) -- One cannot choose to not be a pedophile, but one can choose to not be a child molester.

"Pedophilia" was long used as a synonym for "child molestation," and both were often seen as psychological failures of self-control. Child molesters were thought to be acting out their own histories of abuses, reacting to fears of adult relationships, or manifesting a symptom that might be resolved in psychotherapy, after which they would no longer be pedophilic.

Recently, however, a number of studies have starting changing that view. It appears that one can be born with a brain predisposed to experience sexual arousal in response to children.

Cases of child molestation that involve long strings of victims over the course of years illustrate what can happen when someone gives in to, or outright indulges, his sexual interests, regardless of its potential damage on others. It is those cases that dominate headlines and provoke revulsion toward pedophiles.

But they are rare. An untold number of cases merit sympathy.

The science suggests that they are people who, through no fault of their own, were born with a sex drive that they must continuously resist, without exception, throughout their entire lives. Little if any assistance is ever available for them.

Having encountered thousands of cases, it is my experience that the pedophiles who do go on to become actual child molesters do so when they feel the most desperate. Yet, much of what society does has been to increase rather than decrease their desperation

If it is the brain's wiring that ultimately determines who will go on to develop pedophilia, can we detect it early enough to interrupt the process? Until we uncover more information, we will do more good by making it easier for pedophiles to come in for help rather than force them into solitary secrecy."

Brain Research and Pedophilia: What it Means for Assessment, Treatment, and Policy | James Cantor, Ph.D.
28 July 2009

Why are some of us boylovers? (updated 6/2012 to refute J. Cantor's brain studies)

June 4, 2012

Constructing Perversions: The DSM and the Classification of Sexual Paraphilias and Disorders



Dr Cantor really means Paedophiles.


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