Wednesday, 20 June 2012

It Is Called Art Therapy, Elsewhere

10:30am Wednesday 20th June 2012

A “HIGHLY dangerous” [sic] paedophile [sic] has been given two years in prison for drawing pictures of child abuse.

"AG, who previously abused a girl under the age of 13, was found with 110 pencil sketches in his cell at Bullingdon Prison near Bicester.

He admitted one count of possessing prohibited images of children and was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court on Monday.

The 38-year-old’s barrister argued the offence was “a thought crime”, but Judge Mary Jane Mowat jailed G for two years.

The maximum sentence is three years, but G was given the one-third discount for an early guilty plea.

Judge Mowat said the pictures were “cartoonish but technically proficient”, adding: “They are absolutely sickening to look at. [and your point is?]

“They provide the clearest insight into the workings of the obsessive child-sex-offender psyche.”"

16 June 2012 Last updated at 01:46

Swedish manga cartoon translator cleared of child porn

"A Swedish translator of Japanese-style manga comics has been cleared of child pornography charges in a case that has sparked debate about whether cartoon characters can be considered people [Eh? Hello?].

Simon Lundstroem had appealed to the Supreme Court against his conviction for possessing 39 sexual images depicting young-looking characters drawn in manga style."


Comment: It provides a clear insight into the mind of, at least, one person, for sure.


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