Thursday, 7 June 2012

Another 'Sarah's Law' Advert

Published in the Courier : 07.06.12
Published online : 07.06.12 @ 09.28 am

Garage owner spared jail after threats to kill former partner's boyfriend

"A businessman who threatened to kill his estranged partner's boyfriend in the mistaken belief that he was a paedophile has been shown leniency by a sheriff.

Despite the murder threat, garage director Charles Sandeman escaped with just a £300 fine following an appearance at Perth Sheriff Court.

The 36-year-old, of Braehead Road, Invergowrie, had come to believe that the man may have abused one of his children.

He belatedly realised his error but by then had repeatedly threatened his former partner and her boyfriend with violence and had found police officers at his door.

Sandeman (pictured), who owns Glencross Motors on Clepington Road, Dundee, accepted in court on Wednesday that there had been no such abuse and expressed remorse for his actions.

He admitted that at the time he had lost his temper ''completely and utterly''.

The court was told the catalyst had been a conversation with one of his daughters."

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