Saturday, 9 June 2012

Not Nice Work, 'Megan's/Sarah's' Law

Friday, June 8, 2012

Please help Leslie Blanton, widow of murdered sex offender

"My last entry was about the vigilante double-murder of two Washington registrants, Jerry Wayne Ray and Gary Blanton. I was outraged then, and I'm truly grieving now. I spoke with Leslie Blanton, Gary's widow several times on the phone, which was incredibly difficult and made the emotions even more real.

Leslie is a young struggling (now single) mother with two little boys. She needs help not just with funeral costs but with everyday costs such as bills and food, as Gary was the sole provider. She has no family in the area and Gary's family is not in the picture. The state, town and police are offering little support and on top of this, she is still facing harassment from the public.

For her safety, I will not be posting her address publicly. Please contact me at if you would like to send a card, a donation, or any items she may need (non-perishable food, kids/baby items, dry goods, etc.) Alternately, you may send a donation through Laurie Draper Jones of Georgia Rising here: Donations for Leslie Blanton ..."

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  1. It just might be time to call into account the actions of those that may have seemed to the people to trust kind of like a seen from Ghostbusters when Jack Hardemeyer and Mayor Lenny finally had it out and Jack Hardemeyer was escorted from the building? We have FBI agents seeing angles at the 011 site and FBI agents tricking people that have been to prison for sex crimes. In fact that is the headline in the web article "Tricking" which seems to denote something completely different. We have FBI agents disappearing in Burbank California and it all makes us wonder which is the cartoon and which is reality? Maybe it is time to bring in the second string, the other guys that do not see angles to solve matters when the FBI guy in Connecticut was just found with a laptop full of kiddy porn and Kay Bailey Hutchinson does not want to share her computer info? Who's screwing us all? The vet's have a charity but none of the money goes to Vet's? We have a money wheel that is just a grind for lies. Can not help but wonder if these FBI Agents are all kissing cousins to Rev. Peter Shayne