Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Burning The Books

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Court bans paedophile group

"A Dutch foundation which campaigns for legalised sex between children and adults has been banned by a Dutch court after years of legal wrangling.

A civil court in Assen on Wednesday banned the paedophile lobby group Stichting Martijn with immediate effect, saying what the foundation does and says about the sexual contact between adults and children contravenes the accepted norms and values in Dutch society.

The foundation's wish to legalise paedophilia [sic] goes against the rule of law and the rights of children, the court said. 'The Dutch legal system should not give this position any room,' the Volkskrant quoted the judges as saying." Wednesday, June 27, 1:40 PM

Dutch court outlaws pedophile association Martijn, says it breaches country’s moral values

"Prosecutors who sought the ban said they were satisfied with the court’s decision, adding that it helps the Netherlands meet its international commitments to protect children from sexual predators."

Boy sex advocacy ruptures Dutch democracy

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