Monday, 18 June 2012

Strange, What We Find, In Passing

Complainant Name: Mr David Lant

"Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Sunday Sport


Mr David Lant of HMP Wayland complained that an article was inaccurate when it claimed that - after he and Robert Mawdsley had tortured and killed a paedophile in Broadmoor Hospital in 1977 - "the hostage's skull was found cracked open, a spoon wedged in his brain and pieces missing" and that Mawdsley "ate part of [the] brain". The complainant had, in a previously resolved complaint, provided a copy of the autopsy report on the murder showing that the brain-eating allegation was incorrect.


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper amended its internal records to ensure that the error was not repeated.

Report: 80"

David Lant v Daily Mirror about Accuracy

Prisoner complains to PCC over Daily Mail brain-eating claim

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