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Chris Wittwer

PUBLISHED: 11:03, 27 May 2012 | UPDATED: 23:32, 27 May 2012
Evil fake kidnap mother Karen Matthews makes the most of her freedom as relatives reveal she wants to start another family with prison pen-pal lover

"The mother-of-seven was freed from Foston Hall prison in Derbyshire last month and taken to a secret location believed to be within 30 miles of her former home in Dewsbury Moor, West Yorkshire.

Unlike Maxine Carr, who was jailed after the Soham murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, she has not been given a new identity including a new National Insurance number and passport.

Such a move would have cost the taxpayer £250,000 and required Matthews to keep her real identity a secret.

It is not known if Matthews requested a new identity. But officials were so concerned that she would jeopardise it and her safety by failing to keep it a secret that they ruled it out.

Matthews will use the assumed name when she comes into contact with people in a social setting, but when she is dealing with officialdom she will use her real name and rely on client and patient confidentiality to protect her identity.

She will be supported in this by probation officers. Matthews, whose children are now in care, will remain on licence for the rest of her sentence.

During that time she must observe strict rules or face being returned to jail."


Comment: "Fun".



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Chris Wittwer shared Chris Wittwer's album.

"What the media refuse to tell you ! Karen Matthews, mother of abducted Shannon Mathews at the bail hostel in ***** ***** after finishing her prison sentence."

Untitled Album (images of Ms Matthews, around the location)

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