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Not Dr Sara Payne MBE

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The Phoenix Post

"Postbag - Thank you Anne, I'm getting better, it's slow but it's better, Sara is getting stronger everyday and we are taking gently :0) This Saturday Sara will become Dr Sara Payne MBE as her victim advocacy and child protection work is honoured by the Open University - can't wait to see her in all the gear :0) Shyx"

Honorary degrees

"In common with most other UK universities the OU has the right in its Royal Charter to grant honorary degrees. Two such awards are approved - Doctor of the University and Master of the University. Any member of the University can submit a nomination within criteria approved by the Senate. These are all considered by the Honorary Degrees Committee which then puts forward a list of recommendations for approval by the Senate.

Details of those receiving honorary degrees at degree ceremonies being held in 2012 are given in the graduate directory. The 2012 edition, including biographical details of the honorary graduand(s) who are due to have their degree(s) conferred at your ceremony, will be available for you to see from early in 2012."



Not a 'Real University' (i.e. a state-sanctioned correspondence course). Not a 'Real Dr' ... a 'Doctor of the University' (i.e insubstantive) ...

Honorary Awards granted by The Open University in 2009

Dame Mary Peters becomes an Honorary Doctorate of The Open University

Cultural journalist Maya Jaggi receives OU Honorary Doctorate

"The status of the honorary degree itself has been enhanced over the centuries. Some would argue that the proliferation of academic institutions in recent years has led to a watering down of the necessary criteria - so much so that honorary degrees are now often nothing more than "gongs for the boys", as one university spokesperson put it.

As universities begin to rely more and more on their external links with business and industry, it seems only natural that the role of honorary degrees must change to reflect this broader academic perspective. Yet perhaps it should be remembered that it is the graduates themselves who are the real stars and that the honorary graduates, whether inspirational role models or mere in-flight entertainment, are not there to steal the show."§ioncode=26

"In practice, however, such degrees tend to be popularly considered not to be of the same standing as substantive degrees, except perhaps where the recipient has demonstrated an appropriate level of academic scholarship that would ordinarily qualify them for the award of a substantive degree.

Some universities, seeking to differentiate between substantive and honorary doctorates, have a degree (often DUniv, or Doctor of the University) which is used for these purposes, with the other higher doctorates reserved for formally examined academic scholarship.

In recent years, some universities have adopted entirely separate post nominal titles for honorary degrees. This is in part due to the confusion that honorary degrees have caused. It is now common in certain countries to use certain degrees, such as LLD or HonD, as purely honorary. For instance, an honorary doctor of the Auckland University of Technology takes the special title HonD instead of the usual PhD Some universities, including the Open University grant Doctorates of the University (DUniv) to selected nominees, while awarding PhD or EdD degrees to those who have fulfilled the academic requirements.

A typical example of university regulations is Honorary graduates may use the approved post-nominal letters. It is not customary, however, for recipients of an honorary doctorate to adopt the prefix 'Dr'."


Use the Title 'Dr', in any way fraudulently, or to mislead (or allow others to do so), and Ms Payne et al will be challenged, appropriately.

More services-rendered; now, we wonder if we can find out who (and on what evidenced-grounds) submitted the nomination?



?Dr. Sara Payne?!topic/

Addendum - 9/06/2012

7 hours ago

The Phoenix Post

"Open University awards Phoenix Chief Advocate Sara Payne MBE with an honorary doctoral degree for services to the institution or the wider community.

By Shy Keenan 09/06/2012; The Phoenix

Today, awarded Phoenix Chief Advocate Sara Payne MBE becomes Dr Sara Payne MBE [incorrect] as she is given a highly respected academic nod [incorrect, it is honorary] for her outstanding work [in what way?] in the child protection and victim advocacy fields and on 'The Child Sex Offenders Disclosure Scheme' otherwise known as Sarah's Law [more to follow]. More to follow...

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Jo-anne Rose Congratulations Dr Sara :0) thinking of u on ur big day. Well done x 8 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 2

Mandy Francis Congratulations Sara Paynne. no one deserves it more than you hun x 7 hours ago · Like · 2

Paul Wyatt Thats great news, i am so pleased for Sara, gonna have a few drinky poo's tonight and raise a toast to her and all the years of hard work that has come to fruitition for her, your a legend Sara, big hugs xx 7 hours ago · Like · 2

Hannah Lloyd Well deserved, congratulations Dr Sara, x 7 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 2

Lee Messenger As above!!! :)) xx. 7 hours ago · Like · 2

Gavin Thomas MBE, Dr Sarah Payne, congratulations. :-) x 6 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 2

Graham Woods Congratulations xx 6 hours ago · Like · 2

Sarah Mcgeachy Massive congrats Sara, youv worked hard for it, enjoy every minute you deserve it xxx 6 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 2

Yvette Clifford Woohooo well done sara xxx 5 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 2

The Phoenix Post Sara thanks you all and tells us that she is on her way :0) It is the most incredible personal triumph for our Dr Sara, we are so proud of her :0) For us it is also a massive historical moment in terms of turning a big positive corner on the whole Anti-Victims Prejudice thing - she is such an inspiration xxx 5 hours ago · Like · 4

Trish Kucharski well done dr sara payne you so deserve are a true inspiration to us all.xx 4 hours ago · Like · 2

Lee Messenger Well, I think that the picture within your profile picture says "don't even think about messing with us whoever or whatever you are". Besides that, they mess with you two then they mess with the whole phoenix family!! :) xx. 4 hours ago · Like · 2

Mary Braddick Congratulations Sara, a truely inspirational lady who deserves to be recognised and rewarded for her efforts in raising awareness of the evil that lerks, in our midst, to keep our children safe from harm. xx 4 hours ago · Like · 2

Richard Bougeard Huge congratulations Dr Sara, a true inspiration (as is Shy as well of course) :) xx 3 hours ago · Like · 1

Lee Messenger Absolutely 100% congratulations Sara!! xx. @Richard, good thing you mentioned Shy, things could have turned ugly!! hehe. :) 2 hours ago · Like · 2"

4 hours ago

The Phoenix Post

"Sara would never deny how she came to be inspired to work in this field (little Sarah is always in her heart) but her knowledge and experience goes far beyond what happened to her and her family. She has a broad, well educated, highly awarded, unparalleled insight into public protection and victim advocacy (spanning well over a decade) [evidence?] that is now being academically [incorrect, it is honorary] acknowledged by an internationally respected school of learning [that it is, not much more, which Ms Payne has not participated in] - it is a monumental achievement [hardly, see other recipients].

Whilst Sara has always had the admiration and respect of her peers [those being?], there have been those who have prejudicially [sic] dismissed her voice on the grounds that she's just a victim of a crime [not 'just', at all] with an assumed limited and biased view. [until further evidence is forthcoming, what else can be said?] It was unjustly prejudice [sic] to socially exclude [sic] her in this way, now that she is Dr Sara Payne MBE (hons) [not] we hope that they will feel more inclined to listen to her without such prejudice :0) [sic]

We are just waiting for the first pictures to post, will update as soon as we can, good luck today Dr Sara [sic], we love you :0) xxxxx

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Janet Davidson theres not many people that deserve it but sara is certainly one that does and must mean a great deal to you all that someones actually recognising thae wonderful work you do.congratulations.x 4 hours ago · Like · 5

Emma Marie Louise Frost way to go sara, i am a student of the ou, they are privalged to have u today:) best of luck ♥ xx 4 hours ago · Like · 5

Tracy Robinson This was wonderful to read...Good luck Sara & congratulations once again..:) xx 4 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 3

Jo Stonebridge sending congrats and big hugs 2 u all... hope Sara is as proud of herself as we all r.... keep up the good work ladies ur both so inspirational xxxxx 4 hours ago · Like · 4

Wendy Stubborn Taurus Johnson Yes congratulations sara but surely shy deserves it too ? 4 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 9 Sharon Proud Nanny Nuro congratulations hun so proud xxx 2 hours ago · Like · 1

Jo-anne Rose Looking fotward to see the pics. Well deserved. Congrats Sara x" 



We are well aware that TPP will be monitoring this piece, a perfect illustration of how the lies/ignorance of Ms Keenan, disinform the gullible, the dangerous and those who continue to exploit Ms Payne and the memory of her daughter; we hope that Ms Payne is made of sterner and honest stuff.


Addendum (10/06/2012)

17 hours ago

The Phoenix Post

"First picture of Phoenix Chief Advocate Dr Sara Payne MBE :0)"

5 hours ago

The Phoenix Post

"Phoenix Chief Advocate Dr Sara Payne MBE (Hons) [it just gets better and better] from The Phoenix thanks you for all your very kind messages of support :0) xx "

"Shy has many awards [really, those being?], she deserves this and so much more, she is the inspirational heartbeat behind the rise of so many Phoenix's and always inspires me. Dr Sarax" 5 hours ago · Like · 6" Dr Sara Payne MBE

Addendum (19/06/2012)

"Dr Sara Payne MBE

 – Respected public protection consultant ( awarded victims advocate, international bestselling author, inspirational public speaker and trusted victims voice.

Addendum (30/05/2013)

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