Thursday, 21 June 2012

Balkingly Correct

Updated: June 20, 2012 - 11:12 PM

Britain balks at extradition in Minnesota sex case

"State sex offender program seen as rights violation.

LONDON - One of Britain's highest courts on Wednesday found that Minnesota's controversial program to commit sex offenders indefinitely to treatment violates European human rights law. The court asked for a guarantee from U.S. officials that an American man living in London wouldn't be subjected to the program if he were extradited.

U.S. justice officials have until June 29 to decide whether to offer an assurance that they wouldn't seek to civilly commit 43-year-old Shawn Eugene Sullivan, who faces charges in Hennepin and Dakota counties for the sexual assault of three girls in the 1990s.

Sullivan's British attorneys argued that he could be locked up with no likelihood of release in the Minnesota Sex Offender Program, created to hold and treat dangerous [sic] offenders.

On Wednesday, Lord Justice Alan Moses said returning Sullivan for trial with the possibility of later being placed in the sex offender system would be a "flagrant denial of his rights" under European law.

"It's showing that the Europeans ... have a different view of human rights than we may have in regard to some issues in the United States," Weissbrodt said. "

Sex offender extradition to US halted by British court

UK court blocks sex offender's removal to US

Sex offender extradition to US halted by British court

UK court blocks US bid to extradite accused rapist to Minnesota

Paedophile [sic] spared extradition to US on human rights grounds

America’s most wanted paedophile [sic] wins fight to stop extradition from UK on grounds it will breach his human rights to be put into a sex offenders' treatment programme

Two faces of warped justice: The serial paedophile [sic] we can't send back to America and the vulnerable young man our courts say MUST go to the U.S.

Judges side with wanted US paedo’s [sic] bid to stay in the UK

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