Monday, 4 June 2012

Offensive, Inflammatory and Incorrect - The Sun, Of Course

Published: 03rd June 2012

Soft judges let off [sic] ten child pervs [offensive and inflammatory] a week

"TEN child sex fiends [offensive and inflammatory] are spared jail EVERY week by soft judges [sic], shock [sic] figures reveal.

It means nearly HALF of all guilty paedos [sic] are let off [sic], many despite crimes spanning decades.

Among 531 perverts [offensive and inflammatory] to get community sentences or cautions last year were 40 who abused children [sic] through porn or forced them into vice.

One sicko [offensive and inflammatory] who walked free from court had 29 convictions and another 27.

In total, of 1,174 paedophiles [sic] found guilty last year, only 643 were jailed, Ministry of Justice stats show.

Hundreds more beasts [offensive and inflammatory] convicted of sex attacks on adults got off with the kind of lenient punishments [sic] that have sparked The Sun’s Say No To Soft Justice crusade.

They included 55 rapists and 1,155 men found guilty of sexually assaulting women — half the total.

MPs last night accused Justice Secretary Ken Clarke of putting kids at risk [sic] as he bids to slash inmate numbers.

Tory Priti Patel said: “This shockingly illustrates what’s wrong [sic] with our justice system. The priority must be to protect the public from these vile criminals who harm children [it is, where it can].

“The answer [sic] is to ensure these prolific offenders are kept behind bars. ”

Those given a slap on the wrist [sic] included Windsor Castle guide Ross Thomas, 76, of Slough, Berks — who repeatedly attacked a boy, 11, but got a suspended term.

The Ministry of Justice said convictions and jail terms for sex offenders were up but added: “Sentencing is a matter for judges.”"

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