Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Could It Happen Here? You Bet

June 25, 2012

Photography Is a Crime: Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Eight-Year Sentence for Taking Pictures of Legal Sex
"Last year Radley Balko described the case of Eric Rinehart, a former Indiana cop who was convicted of manufacturing child pornography based on video and photographs of two teenagers with whom he was having sex. Although both girls were above 16, Indiana's age of consent for sex, they were below 18, the federal age of consent for appearing in sexually explicit images—a two-year difference that resulted in a 15-year sentence for Rinehart.

 A recent decision by the Illinois Supreme Court hinges on the same sort of difference in ages of consent, and the incongruity is even more striking because in this case both ages were set by state law."


Man's sex legal, cell phone pics of sex illegal


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