Friday, 15 June 2012

So, What Is The OSC, According To Chris Wittwer?

The online sex offender community (OSC)

"They hide behind mask’s of Anonymity and the internet is their playground
The cyber paedophile – They act as though their perversions are Legitimate and just.

The online sex offender community or OSC is dedicated to promoting open communication among paedophiles and child molesters that use the internet to spread their various human rights, freedom of speech and propaganda issues ; that include the legalization of indecent images of children, legalization of sexual activity between adults and children and their views that they are unjustly targeted and/or victimized for their – quote “sexuality” or love of young children.

Thousands of forums have been set up for the discussion of physical attractions and relationships between minors and adults. On these forums, discussions can range from advice on how not to get caught, to revealing their fantasies or the real life abuse they have perpetrated. Advise on grooming techniques is also very high on the list. It really is a meeting place for the sick and perverted minds of those that see vulnerable and innocent children as sexual objects that they can manipulate and exploit to fullfill their own perverted sexual urges.

The OSC is where paedophiles can validate their urges, their crimes and their fantaises. A virtual world of perversion, stories of abuse and justification for their sick acts and thoughts.

The OSC Believe that the abuse and exploitation of young children is victimless and that paedophilia is a sexual preference.

Online paedophiles are abandoning the traditional grooming process and moving to highly sexualised conversations with children in chat rooms within two minutes, indecent photos or acts on webcam closely follow. Offenders said they didn’t need to bother with a grooming process when they could immediately ask children for sex or to meet so they could abuse them ...”



... and they smell like hammers.

Go read it, if your have the inclination and the reduced brain cell requirement.- also, provide your sources, Chris.


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