Thursday, 17 October 2013

Recording/Reporting A Complaint (Real Or Not) Is Not A Record Of A Crime

17 October 2013 Last updated at 12:34

Crime falls 7% to record low in England and Wales

"Overall crime figures have fallen to half the peak level recorded in 1995

Crime has fallen 7% to a record low in the last year, the Crime Survey for England and Wales has shown.

There were 8.5m incidents in the year to the end of June, compared with 9.1m the previous year.

The drop comes despite a 9% rise in sexual offences, which was partly driven by the Jimmy Savile revelations [?] of abuse.

Crime prevention minister Norman Baker said England and Wales are safer than they have been "for decades".

The headline crime figure is the lowest since the survey began in 1981, and has now fallen to half its peak level, recorded in 1995.

Savile effect

However, the Office for National Statistics, which collates the survey, said the number of historical sexual offences - those which took place more than 20 years ago - recorded by the police has doubled."

Sex Offences Rise 9% As Overall Crime Falls

Crime at record low

PCCs welcome drop in crime but call for more support for victims of sexual offences
New figures prove Liberal Democrats are tough on crime

Crime is genuinely falling across the country thanks to the joint efforts of our criminal justice partners and the refusal by the public to accept criminal behaviour


15 October 2013 Last updated at 06:08

Racist hate crimes 'missed by justice agencies'


October 2013

Crime centre plans to probe data for con jobs

"“Criminal energy” is just as lively as ever, but it has been diverted into the unrecorded worlds of online, corporate and environmental crime, Professor Hall contended."


February 11, 2014 from BBC

Watchdog says it could no longer approve crime figures based on information recorded by the police in England and Wales.

"Last week, the UK Statistics Authority, the watchdog that oversees the publication of official data, said it could no longer approve crime figures based on information recorded by the police in England and Wales."

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