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Please Meet Dr. Joyanna Silberg - USA Establishment Disinformer, Zealot, Child 'Saver' And Child 'Protection' Industry Profiteer

Dr. [Psychology/Psychotherapy] Joyanna Silberg
senior consultant for child and adolescent trauma, 
Trauma Disorders Program at Sheppard Pratt, Baltimore, Md.


October 16, 2013 - 11:20 AM

Child Trauma Expert [a biased expert is no worthy expert at all]: Pro-Pedophilia [sic] Groups Are ‘Grooming’ Public to Accept Adult-Child Sex

"Pedophilia advocacy groups, including the tax-exempt B4U-ACT founded by a convicted sex offender, are trying to “groom the public” into accepting adult-child sexual relationships, child trauma expert [sic] Dr. Joyanna Silberg told

“There is no legitimate scientific work that could justify the action of an adult with a child in a sexual relationship, because by definition [there is your mistake of circular reasoning] a child cannot consent,” [sic] said Silberg, executive vice president of the Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence.

“If you look at their backchannel communications [?],” Silberg continued, “they have clearly stated... that the B4U-ACT public persona is to kind of seduce [?] or groom the public into their way of thinking so that they can act. But they don’t say that on their public websites.”

Silberg, whose organization has debunked studies [where?, is that the totality of your 'debunking'? - you want a debunking of your 'debunking'?, see below.] claiming that sexual relations with adults do not harm children, added that “there is zero likelihood of [B4U-ACT] having an impact” on the sixth edition of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1973, and called any comparisons between the two as “completely ridiculous. [care to say why?]”


Rind And Tromovitch  

"A study published in The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice attempted to replicate the Rind study, correcting for methodological and statistical problems identified by Dallam and others.

It supported some of the Rind findings, both with respect to the percentage of variance in later psychological outcomes accounted for by sexual abuse and in relation to the finding that there was a gender difference in the experience of child sexual abuse, such that females reported more negative effects [of what, though?].

However it also acknowledged the limitations of the findings (college student sample, self-report data [same as for most 'victim' studies), and did not endorse Rind's recommendation to abandon the use of the term 'child sexual abuse' in cases of apparent consent in favor of the term 'adult-child sex'. [we prefer MSAc/CSAc - Minor Sexual Activity/Child Sexual Activity]

In their conclusion, the authors address the objection that Rind's work and their own would give support to those who deny that child sexual abuse can cause harm [from what, though?]: "The authors of the current research would hesitate to support such a general statement.

Instead, our results, and the results of the Rind et al. meta-analysis, can be interpreted as providing a hopeful and positive message to therapists, parents, and children. Child sexual abuse does not necessarily lead to long-term harm."[44]"

[44] = Ulrich, Heather; Randolph Mickey, Acheson Shawn (2005-06). "Child Sexual Abuse: A Replication of the Meta-analytic Examination of Child Sexual Abuse by Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman (1998)". The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice



Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D, Senior Consultant for Child and Adolescent Trauma

"Dr. Silberg is the Senior Consultant for Child and Adolescent Trauma at Sheppard Pratt Health System. Dr. Silberg is internationally known as a pioneering expert in the study of dissociative disorders and complex trauma in children and adolescents. She has edited and authored many works on these topics, including her classic book [June 1996], The Dissociative Child. Her new book, The Child Survivor: Healing Developmental Trauma and Dissociation was released in 2012. Her private psychotherapy practice specializes in children and adolescents suffering from posttraumatic and dissociative symptoms and disorders. Her private forensic practice specializes in child sexual abuse. She is Executive Vice President of the Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence. More information about Dr. Silberg’s expertise is available at"


April 20, 2009

Dissociation and the Dissociative Disorders: DSM-V and Beyond
December 8, 2010

Dissociation in Traumatized Children and Adolescents: Theory and Clinical Interventions

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Dissociative identity disorder

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“Sybil Exposed”: Memory, lies and therapy 


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