Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Don't Stand Too Close To Them

Monday 07 October 2013

"Anita Anand explores the taboo topic of teachers having relationships with their students. It should never happen but it does but the law is clear: teachers are in loco parentis and as such cannot have a relationship with a student under the age of 18. Not only is it a criminal offence, it is a fully recognised abuse of the position of trust that the teacher is in - it applies even if the pupil is over the age of consent and the relationship is consensual.

In this documentary Anita hears the views of teachers and head teachers on what happens when a relationship crosses the line to become "inappropriate". She asks what support, if any, is offered to individuals who find themselves involved with those they teach. And have modern teaching methods and a more informal approach made it harder to define the line which should not be crossed by students or teachers?"



Posted on October 8, 2013

Teachers and sexual relationships with students aged 16+

"Sexual relationships between teachers and pupils aged 16 and over have been happening for a long time. Similarly, for a long time, there has been a feeling that, once at the age of consent, a sexual relationship between consenting adults – irrespective of the student/teacher relationship – is not one into which the law should intrude. Parliament has seen otherwise and since 2001, there have been specific ‘abuse of trust’ offences.

Some teachers get into sexual relationships with students who are under the age of 16. This post is not concerned with such cases and is not about revisiting whether sexual activity with children is wrong."


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