Friday, 20 April 2012

More Evidence For The Mission

The Words

"The Phoenix Post

about an hour ago

We have reported this harassment to the police, google and facebook, they have not responded to us or taken any action to protect us from it. This convicted sex offender has always targeted Shy and I, but now he's blatantly targeting all those who follow and support us. I'm sure the intent is to isolate us and scare you away, but whatever the intent, we felt we had to tell you and let you decide how we should proceed. Should we stay or should we close?"



Not at all, please stay open.

Our intention is to share your public words and tactics, as widely as possible.

Legal, honest, free, speech is a good thing, perhaps you and Mr France should practise it, 100%.


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Jan Alexander What ever you do never give up! 2 hours ago · Like · 5

Denise Jones please stay. 2 hours ago · Like · 5

Allison Bradford Stay most defiantly , we are behind you , u need to stand up to bullies xx 2 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 2

Minnie Knowles Stay!! Stand up and fights!!! X about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 2
Lisa Clarke Was Whitehall definitely stay, cannot let "people" like that win. about an hour ago · Like · 3

Lorraine Orange They are sick idiots with way too much time on their hands. Stay! X about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 2

Mandy Francis stay stay stay! would never give them the luxury of scaring me! about an hour ago · Like · 2

Louise Lightbody Deakin Stay, they wont win this time x about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 4
Sarah Mcgeachy Stay, if you close now they win and there's no way we will let that happen xx about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 3

Laura Spirelass Batterham Stay.. if you close they win.. there r a lot more supporters than their r these pathetic excuses for existence.. stay !!!xxx about an hour ago · Like · 3

Jo-anne Rose As all of the above STAY! Why on earth would we want you to go and let them win again. They have taken enough. They cant and wont have any more. xx about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 3

Sarah Taylor Fox Walking away is not a option for you ladies you have come so far so can not be bullied or harrassed by anybody you just need the support that you so deserve in numbers. about an hour ago · Like · 4

Maxine Rathbone STAY!! We joined your group because we believe in you and we support you! Stamp out these bullies, I for one certainly REFUSE to be bullied by these mindless people!!! Your doing a fantastic job,and I for one applaud you... Who else will try and protect the victims. Well done to you both. Xxx about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 7

Sonia Lanzon Stay, let's show them they can't scare any of us, we have to stick together. He must feel like the big man, trying to scare people from behind a computer screen. We cannot allow any type of bully, to win xx about an hour ago · Like · 3

Fiona Moore Please stay xx about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 3

Rita Simpson Stay! about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 1

Lori Crandall Brendgard Please stay. I adore you both and there is no force on earth that could make me walk away from supporting you. You are brilliant. xx 44 minutes ago · Like · 1

Jodie LeNormand Stay, this is only the beginning of the Facebook page. He's riled, he really did cry at your picture ;-) 42 minutes ago · Like · 2

Jacqueline Bolton please stay so many would miss you and don't you think its time we stopped letting them win and live rent free in our heads 15 minutes ago · Like · 1

More Evidence

"The Phoenix Post

26 minutes ago

Experts in the stalking field advise never to feed the beast, never give stalkers the information or attention they crave. The police advise that the only way to stop this, is for us to make a formal police complaint of harassment."



That is all one should do, if one believes something illegal is occurring.  We support this position, 100%.

Of course, one will require evidence and 'crying wolf' is a story all should consider.


"The OSC advises its perverted stalkers to force their victims into making a formal police complaint in order to secure more of the victim's private information. They use a tried and trusted method called - wait till the police and CPS have completed full disclosure of all the documents and evidence (as required by law) then sack the legally aided solicitor and become their own legal counsel, forcing the police, CPS and the sacked solicitors to give the offender (now acting as their own legal counsel) full legal disclosure of all the documents and evidence, which could include things like family details and medical records. The police could not assure us that this would not happen, we have families and children to protect. What would you do?"

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Jodie LeNormand Call their bluff...Because without correct legal representation they face a lengthy prison sentence.....Checkmate.. 51 minutes ago · Like · 4

Rita Simpson That's ridiculous! 50 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 1

The Phoenix Post They would get so much out of having someone like Sara in court, they would use her to grandstand their awful twisted thinking Shyx 38 minutes ago · Like

Jodie LeNormand Under what premise could that EVER happen? 37 minutes ago · Like · 1

The Phoenix Post If Sara is forced to make a complaint to police she would have to appear as a witness in a public criminal court that they would exploit to the full to get their vile pro-paedophile messages across. 33 minutes ago · Like

The Phoenix Post I don't want to be used as a pro-paedophile platform Sarax 32 minutes ago · Like

Rita Simpson How would they do that just out of interest? I don't know that much about these things. Sorry if it's obvious x 25 minutes ago via Mobile · Like

Sarah Mcgeachy There should be a law stopping that from happening, under NO circumstance should these foul people EVER be allowed to get hold of this information what on earth is this world coming to? And you wonder why so many people keep quiet grrrr it makes me soooo angry x 23 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 1

Jodie LeNormand He wouldn't get the opportunity to defend the content and create propaganda. He would have to either agree or deny that he did it. Ive read his Paedogeddon, and actually he's terrified of a public confrontation which is why he trolls. He's just a coward that even people on his webspace don't like. The Chemist hasn't really thought this through. His one in ten graph is accurate, however I think he forgot that leaves nine in ten who detest what he is. He'd better think up a new formula.... 22 minutes ago · Like · 1

The Phoenix Post Disagree with you there, he feeds into the vast OSC network that attracts even more abuse from even more abusive perverts who do publish legally protected documents all over the web, the last we can remember was the Operation Ore lists.. 13 minutes ago · Like

Jodie LeNormand I'm an all or nothing girl. Either they get ignored and we create a vacuum, or we let them show their troll claws. That way they get convicted. Either they can implode or explode. 3 minutes ago · Like

More to come, we expect.

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