Sunday, 22 April 2012

Going Gets Tough, 'The Tough' Wash Their Hands

The Claims

"The Phoenix Post


Please do not ask us to support that person, who lied to and about us and with others, abused and harassed us. We won't be bullied silent but certainly don't want to break any FB rules, so our previous thread has been removed and we would ask that you not to post below here and just be assured by us that the truth will find its way :0) Shy & Sara




In the original thread (which we have archived and is available), 'that person' was named as Chris Wittwer.

Now, we have some issues with Mr Wittwer and his activities, but that is for later.

We are very interested to see the criteria, when a self-claimed victim of sexual abuse becomes unworthy of the support of Ms Keenan and Ms Payne? When the alleged trauma, suffered, is not taken into account in their assessment of need?

The claims Ms Keenan and Ms Payne make about Mr Wittwer also require some confirmation, so as to approach The Truth.

The TPP facebook page will be more than fine, for this information.

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