Monday, 23 April 2012

Mr Chris Wittwer Attacks Again

The Issue

"Nigel Oldfield , I still want to do a interview with you. Please get in touch. We can sort it out for the second week in may 2012 (2 weeks time) I will come to you , in Rotherham and we can do the interview on camera in a neutral location, where we can exchange questions on all child abuse related topics.

Chris wittwer - Children have rights in society"

The Response

From Dr Oldfield ...

"Chris, you had your chance, time-and-time again - you failed to complete, time-and-time again.

You are now a ridiculed, fraudulent, spent force, being watched, closely, by the police and the Ministry of Justice. You are an evidenced bully and harasser of actual survivors. You are unfit for purpose.

You are already copy-and-paste history ... a bad taste in the mouth of Truth, Humanity and Justice.

Fell free to email me any time and monitor your sorry story on The OSC blog.

'You' (and any 'supporter') will be ignored, in this forum, as you are unworthy of further response, here.

This is non-negotiable."




Mr Wittwer will receive further analysis, in the future.

The Predictable Response of The Simpleton Bully

"You are the one bottling it Nigel, lets get it on, im sure you have questions for me, so why not ? i ll leave it with you Nigel but remember i offered you this interview, But you are just a keyboard warrior spouting your paedophilic propaganda. Grow a pair of balls nigel and lets do it. Unless you are scared you will be made to look a bigger fool than you already are !"

"ohh and by the way the new website has had over 30,000 hits in 4 days - thats about 29,995 more than you would ever get. Children DO have rights in society, and its perverts like you that destroy those very rights"




Yes, Mr Wittwer we are aware of your claims and what you find valuable, thank you.

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