Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dominic Mohan

Although we research people who work for Mr Rupert Murdoch (we are loath to call them 'journalists', as it belittles the work of thousands of others who deserve to carry the label), ultimately, the responsibility, for any piece being published, lies in the hands of the editor.

Presently, in the case of The Sun, this is Mr Dominic Mohan.

Mr Mohan deserves his own label and focus, here.

Media offices

Editor of The Sun 2009–present  
Deputy Editor of The Sun 2007–2009
Preceded by Rebekah Brooks

""I believe the Sun is the best paper on the planet. It is a privilege to take over as editor and I cannot wait to get started," Mohan said yesterday."

Gotcha! Dominic Mohan lands dream job at the Sun

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