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The OSC Is Attacked (Part 1)

The Issue

Dr Nigel Oldfield has been regularly-attacked with lies (Mr Stanley committed suicide, early 2012), by News Corporation (i.e. the now defunct The News of The World and The Sun).

His continued hazardous, yet successful, mission, to expose the lies, misinformation and machinations of many agencies and individuals, in a bid to enable the rights, legal entitlements and safety of all, regardless of history, is not appreciated by many unprincipled bodies and people.

Mr Anthony France (although quiet, recently) has been a leading figure in this offensive and dangerous campaign, and he has his own thread. Here is just one more example, of the 'journalism' he, and they, will stoop to.

Paedophiles raid child abuse campaigner’s site and post sick threat messages to supporters

Let us critique Mr Frances' piece and provide the truth, where needed .....

The Piece

"Paedophiles raid child abuse campaigner’s site and post sick threat messages to supporters

"Sara Payne, and little Sarah who was murdered by sex beast Roy Whiting in 2000 Targeted

Sara Payne, and little Sarah who was murdered by sex beast Roy Whiting in 2000


Published: Today at 00:03

"SICK paedophile trolls"


How does Mr France know who is making these alleged posts? His terminology is distressing and incorrect.

"are trying to sabotage a Facebook page"


How is posting to an open FB page 'sabotage'?

"set up by Sarah Payne’s mum Sara to help child abuse victims."


The FB page has been set by the, now defunct, 'charity', Phoenix Survivors, presently-named The Phoenix Post (a number of identities have been used). The named creators of the FB page are Shy Keenan and Sara Payne. The truth behind these organisations and individuals, what they have 'achieved' and how they operate, will come later.

"They are placing vile posts"


Vile in what way? Evidence please?

"on it showing they know the names of many of her supporters, including some who have been targeted by perverts."


"targeted by perverts." In what way? What do you mean by a pervert? The names are in the posts, although we suspect many are sock-puppets.

 "Pervert ... Nigel Oldfield Pervert ... Nigel Oldfield"


So, you are describing Dr Oldfield as a pervert, thus, conflating the offensive statement and accusation, above, with Dr Oldfield. Evidence please?

"One reading “Paedogeddon — they are organised and they are coming for your kids!!!” was left in the name of disgraced ex-teacher Nigel Oldfield."


Satire may be lost on you, Mr France, but I do not think so.

These posts, and the FB posters, are detailed here, for the record .....

Paedogeddon --- They are organised and they are coming for your kids !!! Anti-OSC cream at the ready !!!!msg/

Many of the claims, within, can only be described as deranged.

You will note that this is not a Facebook page

I am delighted that you are reading the UK.Legal Usenet group, Mr France. That will be useful, later.

"He has done time for downloading child abuse images"


Incorrect, indecent images of children, under POCA 1978. N.B. Done his time.

"and was exposed by The Sun in 2006"


Indeed, another piece teeming with lies.

He is still operational, Mr France, still showing you for the dangerous person you are - more to come, on that.

"for mobilising other perverts in a bid to lower the age of consent to 12."


Total fabrication, We have the proof, do you Mr France?

"Sara, whose eight-year-old daughter was abducted and murdered by sex beast Roy Whiting in 2000, received another message from the Online Sex Offender Community reading: “OSC, always winning.” 


Yes we are. Truth always wins out. We enable the rights, legal entitlements and safety of all, regardless of history. You and yours will not stop that, Mr France.

A painful shame, to see you are exploiting Ms Payne and the memory of her daughter, once again, but, more on that here.

"Oldfield, 51, refused to deny he had posted material"


Who was the young hack you sent around, Mr France. Do you not have the integrity to do your own 'dirty work', or is it something else?

Dr Oldfield informs us, that he refused nothing of the sort. He maintained his questioning on how his address has been compromised, to an anonymous male, knocking on his door, until he trotted off. The harassing image of Dr Oldfield was taken, without permission, in his home.

Indeed, why is Dr Oldfield a part of this article, at all? What could you possibly be trying to achieve, 'in the public interest', by this hazardous disclosure?

Do you have answers to these questions, Mr France, before further action is taken? You have our email.

"when The Sun traced him"


Yes, how that occurred is of some interest to us and others.

 "to a pal’s house in Rotherham, South Yorks"


Your actions have jeopardised the safety of Dr Oldfield and all those around him, based on nothing but false accusations, as noted above. Do you argue that is in the 'public interest', Mr France?

The house is not 'a pal's' at all.

"He said: “I have no comment but if police become involved I will take it from there and look at speaking.” 


Words to that effect. Illegalities must be reported to the police.

"Sara, 43, has previously complained to cops about alleged harassment from Oldfield."


Yet, nothing has arisen from them. Perhaps the complaints are fictitious, or there was nothing illegal to complain about?

Your thoughts Mr France?

"And she said: “I’m fed up being bullied like this. "


We cannot speak for Dr Oldfield, or ourselves, on this issue, as we do not carry out such 'bullying'.

Ms Payne et al, must appreciate, with you encouraging and exploiting her, placing people in real danger (such as Dr Oldfield), using lies, misinformation and false accusation, in open, public, fora, then such responses are inevitable - this is a matter of life and death, to some.

That is not bullying, that is self-defence.

Illegalities must be reported to the police.

"This is a vile attempt to close down my Facebook page."


We are ardent supporters of open, honest, discussion and legal, free, speech (and, from his record, Dr Oldfield certainly is). It is such a dangerous pity, that Ms Payne, Ms Keenan and you are not.

"Men like Oldfield" 


What is a man 'like' Dr Oldfield?

"don’t want campaigns like mine because as more victims are empowered,


From his record, Dr Oldfield has empowered and protected victims, all his teen and adult life and, against massive odds, is still doing so .... not just some select, mercurial, undefined, group of 'victims', but also including them.

"more paedophiles"


Ms Payne, Ms Keenan and your publications, use the term Paedophile (in prejudice and offence to actual Paedophiles) for effect. Although, not against those who are worthy and aware.

 "will have their secrets exposed.”


The OSC (which is what you all mean) are entitled to as much secrecy, privacy, protection and free speech, under the law, as anyone - do not forget that Mr France.

The Response - From TPP et al

So, what was the first response to Mr Frances' piece (before, they once again closed the page, for the night). Interesting parts, highlighted, for now ....

The Phoenix Post shared a link. 

2 hours ago

Paedophiles raid child abuse campaigner’s site and post sick threat messages to supporters

Paedophiles raid child abuse campaigner’s site and post sick threat messages to supporters

TROLLS try to sabotage a Facebook page set up by Sarah Payne’s mum Sara


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Lee Messenger Sick threat messages eh? Hmm yawn, bring it on!! 2 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 3

Shereena Bates well Sara i'm sorry this vile person hs been leaving nasty messages to you and i hope the police can put a stop to it xx about an hour ago ·Like · 3

The Phoenix Post This known sex offender has been harassing us online for years, we've endured it because there was and is no real protection from it and the only protection that is available puts us and our families at even more risk from them. about an hour ago · Like

Shereena Bates omg my heart goes out to you both and dont the new laws about internet bullying come into play here? surely its this kind of thing that they were made for about an hour ago · Like · 2

Nicci Astin wont the malicious communications act cover that and if threats are made then the police should be taking them seriously and acting accordingly. You two shouldnt have to put up with vile people like that . about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 4

The Phoenix Post This offender has been trying to get Sara into a court for years so that he can grandstand his vile arguments for the rights of paedophiles... about an hour ago Like



Because, you see, Ms Payne can only believe that 'Pedophiles' (i.e. The OSC, one can only imagine) have fewer rights.


Donna Wood arent convicted pedos supposed to be prohibited from owning or using a computer ? 5 hours ago · Like · 1

The Phoenix Post Not unless the judge specifically orders it. 4 minutes ago · Like


The Phoenix Post He's publically posting our Fb pages onto his vile online pervert network, the Public Protection Unit in his area can see what he is doing, why are they not taking action against him? 15 minutes ago · Like · 1



Damn right they are, Dr Oldfield is the victim here.

This is evidence for any forthcoming legal proceedings.

Rita Simpson Go Phoenix power!!!!xxxx 6 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 1

Jo-anne Rose Why indeed. Isnt there anything we can do to get him stopped xx 46 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 1

Sharon Proud Nanny Nuro go girls go behind you 100 percent xxxx 2 hours ago · Like · 2

Kelly Jiggles Tedder Why does he and others like him think they r above the law ? I will tell u y , it's because the law supports the wrong side, they get more help than their victims which is a disgrace, I support Sarah's law and the team who ever they r behind it, I hope this group continues to support victims cos u r needed so much x about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 4

Sarah Mcgeachy Vile vile people sitting behind there computers torturing innocent people because they live in a small shallow lonely world where there every thought is filled with spite and sick thoughts, they have nothing better to do with there sick little lives but torture and intimidate people who are worth a million of them .. Sara you are a true phoenix xx about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 2

Trisha Boughton Why aren't the police doing anything he shouldn't be allowed to even own a computer about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 1

The Phoenix Post Unless the judge specifically orders it when sentencing (which is rare) it doesn't happen :0( about an hour ago · Like

Jodie LeNormand He basically is trying to get support for an argument he holds, which is " if a child consents (prepubescent child) to sex with an adult, the everybody should mind their own business and it not be a criminal offence". But having read his Paedogeddon, not alot of people agree...I wonder why? 35 minutes ago · Like · 1 

More to follow, we expect.

The Response - From The Sun Readers

Bottom of page ...


"Hang the evil pig by his privates"

"They are no use to society. Would anyone complain if they disappeared off the face of the earth?"

"lonely out-casts from the civilized world.REJECTS"

"Everyone agrees that Paedo`s should have that "Special Treatment" ie, Castration"

"this is what happens when scum like this are allowed to live , far to many paedophiles with far to many rights"

"these vile perverts should be put away for life or better still wiped out"

"Pretty sure all this can be tracked by police and all should be arrested and jailed. Simple as that"

"they need taking off the street one way or the other"

"This scum should not be allowed to breathe"

"Find them and flog them. These scum bags  dont belong on this planet"

"These people should be castrated ,end of problem preferably with no anesthetic"

"all known paedophiles should be banned from ever owning or using a computer and if caught should be jailed instantly, its sickening"

"sick, vile people, they should be hung drawn and quartered"

"They hate her because she shows them what monsters they really are"

"At a pals home? Who the hell would want to be friend with a sick twisted freak!"

"These Vermin scum should all get a GROUND floor accommodation,if you get my meaning!"

"All they are is lowest of the low scum of the earth cowards,they should all be rounded up and put down,the dirty filth wrong'uns"

"Demons is all I can say to describe them.."

"One large compound should be built for paedophiles and never allowed out for the duration of their sick life."

"and this is because paedophiles are the scum of the earth, we all know this, they are dirty disgusting parasites that should be terminated like any other parasite"

"send the creeps to Afghanistan and tell them to go out and find Improvised explosives the hard way"

"people like him should be tatooed on the forehead so everyone knows what he is. And when they are caught offending again they should be whipped at half time at any sporting event"

"Sara if you give up then these sick animals have won. These animals should not even have access to facebook in the first place"

"We wouldn't have this problem if we exterminated paedophiles". 


Now, what was your ethical position ladies? Do you support what you and Mr France have created?


Mother of Sarah Payne targeted by paedophiles in Facebook trolling campaign
Addendum (16/5/2012)

 "One of the things that the world needs to know is that as much as we don't want to believe it, there are pedophilic sexual offenders who are organized and stalk and harass those who they feel are getting in the way of their agenda.

Since Sara is so vocal against pedophilic sexual offenders and receives a lot of media attention due to this, they are trying to take her down and discredit her. Apparently they have been doing this for several years.

You would think at this point that they would know she isn't going anywhere.

 If you have a chance to go to the OSC Always Winning blog you will see what I am talking about.

This is a pretty serious thing that occurs and we should all be aware of it so we can try to stop it. Rosie"

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