Thursday, 26 April 2012

Perhaps They Even Believe It ...

"The Phoenix Post shared a link

 2 hours ago

Postbag - Our page rules are there to protect everyone and we hope you will understand why our admin are so strict xx

 "The Phoenix Post

We want and welcome debate, we know the page rules can be challenging, but we are used to them now :0) xx" about an hour ago · Like · 4""

"The Phoenix Post PAGE RULES - We're law abiding peaceful people who (for legal reasons) come with a few rules of our own. We sincerely don't mean to offend anyone, so please do take a moment to read and agree to our page rules before you like or post.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Online Sex offender Community (or OSC) are an ever present danger to everyone and not big fans of our work [sic]. To be clear, we do not want any contact from any sex offenders or their supporters. Any harassment or abuse will be reported to the relevant authorities - without hesitation or exception."



... but reams of evidence show otherwise.

Hiding behind The Sun's bully boys (and girls), selectively-clipping and posting, and deleting your incriminating posts, really does not count as debate. You would never dare to open yourselves up to a real public debate, via any medium.


A Short Time Later

"The Phoenix Post 

15 minutes ago

We have been in talks today and we both feel that if you can take it, we can take it. If the abusers and harassers post onto the page, all we can do is report it and ignore it. We will not let them silence us or chase us away, we are here for you not them, so let's leave them to it, draw a line under it and get back to achieving our aims :0) S&S xx"

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