Saturday, 28 April 2012

Paedophiles Require Assistance, By Definition

Today at 01:03

Emails chaos helps paedos [sic]

"Cops want power to nail internet pervs

THOUSANDS of children are left at the mercy of paedophiles [sic] because police cannot access vital emails, a top cop warned last night.

Peter Davies said child abusers escape justice as crucial internet evidence is not available.

The boss of the the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre spoke out as he backed Government plans for new police powers to check emails and internet use. He said his specialist unit gets around 12,000 new cases a year.

But in a third of those the trail goes cold because internet firms do not have records of suspects’ emails. It means up to 4,000 cases of suspected child abuse cannot be investigated."

"In a recent case in Lincolnshire, the CEOP smashed an international online paedo ring. The unit helped rescue 132 British children from abuse and exposed 211 suspected paedos in the UK."



The authorities can already obtain them (and the contents), any time they like, and they have and they will (that they are too lazy to do so, is another issue) - it is yet another smokescreen, to remove the civil rights and freedoms, of all those who use the internet.

We challenge The Sun, CEOP, any police force, in fact, anyone, to provide the court details and outcomes, of any arrest, arising from the event, that Mr Wilson claims "rescue[d] 132 British children from abuse"; our email is above, right.

The Sun is a little late onto this bandwagon (again, applying its offensive, prejudicial and incorrect terminology, against those with mental disorders - shameful); move along, little news to see there.



A comment, from a reader ...

"I think its funny that for the past few weeks we have stories about how the Government want that powers to read all emails and know what everyone is doing online and there has been a backlash against it and suddenly we get a story saying its needed to protect children. Do they really think we are so stupid not to realise what this story is about?"



Yes, they do think you are that stupid, azphreal, and, to be honest, many are that 'stupid'.

That is why we are here - we challenge 'stupid'.

Even TPP readers are questioning its veracity, and many of them are the epitome of 'stupid'.


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