Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Good Luck With That

Published: 15 hrs ago

New school rules on sex

"Children to be taught how to say 'no'

"SCHOOL pupils could be taught how to say no to sex amid fears about the rising impact of online porn [sic]

An attempt by Labour to make the lessons compulsory was defeated by MPs last night.

But a source close to Education Secretary Michael Gove told The Sun: “We’ll be bringing forward guidance for teachers on this as part of the new curriculum.”

Teachers are currently obliged to teach only about the mechanics of sex and the dangers of HIV.

But Labour MP Stella Creasy said that with boys now having easy access to hardcore images on the internet lessons need to include relationships and sexual etiquette.

She added: “We can talk about tackling access to porn, but we also have to give girls the confidence to say, ‘No, this isn’t healthy or appropriate’."

Generation porn: Viewing web filth is routine at just 13 with one in eight teenage boys watching several times a day

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