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Oh Mark, Mark, Mark - Your Savile Fantasies, And Now This?

Friday 31 May 2013 17.16 BST

Why technology must be the solution [sic] to child abuse material [sic] online

"The problem [sic] is now epidemic and unpoliceable; even if software could identify all offenders, the justice system couldn't cope

Tributes to April Jones outside the former home of Mark Bridger in Ceinws, near Machynlleth

Mark Bridger spent a significant amount of time on the internet on the day April Jones died. Just after midday, he had browsed his carefully organised collection of child abuse images [sic], child murder victims and photos of local girls.

The library of material collected by Bridger illustrates his interests, mindset and the context to his behaviour, said prosecution Elwen Evans QC [we will be discussing Ms Evans, very soon]. The list of search terms and material found on Bridger's computer and mobile phone make for grim reading: victims of child murders, photos and cartoons of very young girls to early teens being abused. Other pictures were of local girls and friends of his own children, seemingly innocent pictures taken from Facebook. Bridger's web search terms included "ten year old girl naked" and "naked young five-year-old girls".

The problem is 'epidemic and unpoliceable'

Child protection expert [sic] Mark Williams-Thomas says there used to be some doubt about the correlation between viewing images and contact offences, but that view has changed [has it Mark? What has changed and why? - evidence please]. He paints a very grim picture [sic] of the scale of the problem [sic] which, he says, is epidemic and now unpoliceable. [i.e. Popular]"

"Our lives are not so much reflected online as magnified, intensified, edged steadily towards extremes, whether the subtle selectivity of the life we present on Facebook or the seeking out of obsessive fantasies that become intensified, confirmed and fulfilled. Crucially, whatever Bridger's psychological drivers, the scale and diversity of the internet means that even the most extreme behaviour can find a like-minded community and ultimately be normalised [ah, that word, again]. That normalisation [ah, that word, again] is the critical connection [sic] between casually, curiously exploring a perversion or taboo, and a spiral that ends up in the horrific murder of a young child. [you do have some evidence, for this, Jemima, do you?]"

Investigators focus on the use of online child abuse images by killers


Jemima Kiss

Jemima Kiss

Jemima Kiss

Jemima Kiss


Addendum (3/6/13)
Published: 2 hrs ago

Kids sex victims of mafia [giggle]

"'Threat' ... pervs [how rude] use file-sharing sites [non-pervs, too]

Exclusive [giggling]

RUSSIAN mafia gangs are molesting and raping children to order for paedophile [sic] websites [sic] — fuelling a 40 per cent leap in reports of online abuse [sic], a Sun investigation reveals. [hahahaha].

Perverts [how rude] are logging on [sic] to file-sharing networks based overseas [hahahahaha], allowing sickos [how rude] to swap images and bypass [hahahahaha] search engines like Google.

Business Secretary Vince Cable led calls to crack down on search engines yesterday after it emerged Mark Bridger obsessively [sic] scoured for child abuse material [sic] before he murdered five-year-old April Jones. [yup, what a tool he is, amongst others]

He hadn’t been convicted of any paedophile crimes [sic] before, sparking claims that the net influenced him [Vince Cable?].

But experts [sic] said the Government is missing the point, and that search engines get a “rough ride” [indeed].

Former Surrey cop and online protection expert [sic] Mark Williams-Thomas said: “Paedophiles [sic] are going away from Google [like 'they' were ever there], it’s all about ‘peer to peer’ where they exchange homegrown material [hahahahahaha] online.

“Google’s simply the facilitator [really?], it takes them to other sites [how?] and overseas [such as, Mark?]. It’s about international co-operation. The Russian mafia’s involved because they can exploit it.[hahahahahahahahahahahaha]”" [Mark seems to be in a time warp]


Published: 12 hrs ago

Map of Britain’s internet paedos [sic]

"Perverts swap child abuse images [sic] online

Monster [offensive and inflammatory] ... Mark Bridger

POLICE have drawn a horrifying [sic] map of Britain — showing more than 100 perverts [offensive and inflammatory] as they swap child abuse images online. The monsters view and exchange rape and molestation files using networks similar to that of music-sharing website Napster. Cops believe up to 60,000 have downloaded “peer to peer” software — fuelling a 40 per cent leap in reported online abuse [sic] this year alone [hahahahahaha - simply no idea]."

"He [MWT] also revealed that Mafia gangs are molesting and raping children to ORDER."

Mark Williams-Thomas

Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan


2010-03-12 08:46

The Daily Fail

""I posed as a girl of 14 on Facebook. What followed will sicken you." That's the headline that might cost England's Daily Mail tens of millions of Pounds in damages."

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