Friday, 9 November 2012

Does Not Always Work

9 November 2012

Former partner’s drinking and drug taking ‘not caused by sex abuse’

"High Court rules that abuse at Jesuit school not to blame for all 'adverse events'

Patrick Raggett, a former salaried partner at Pinsent Curtis, was awarded damages of almost £55,000 at the High Court today, for sex abuse he suffered at Preston Catholic College.

However, the judge, Mrs Justice Swift, said she did not agree that “all the adverse events that had occurred in his life” were caused by the abuse.

“I am well aware that the conclusions I have reached in this judgment will be disappointing to the claimant and that its contents may cause him some distress,” Swift J said.

“This is particularly unfortunate and regrettable since there is no doubt that he was the victim of an insidious form of abuse involving a grave breach of trust and that he has suffered significantly as a result.”"

"In the light of this, she made no award for past or future loss of earnings, or for pension loss. Raggett was awarded damages of £54,900."

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