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Chris Wittwer And Mark Williams-Thomas - A 'Winning' Social Media Team

29 November 2012 Last updated at 17:25

Jimmy Savile investigation: Man in his 80s questioned

"Jimmy Savile Police launched Operation Yewtree following allegations made about Jimmy Savile

A man in his 80s has been released after being interviewed by detectives investigating allegations which arose following revelations about TV presenter Jimmy Savile."

Jimmy Savile - Fifth Man Questioned In Jimmy Savile Abuse Investigation - Identity Unknown

Jimmy Savile probe celebrity feels 'suicidal': Trauma of children's TV star quizzed for five hours

Savile quiz: Star is named online 

29 Nov 2012 23:06

New sex probe shock: Jimmy Savile cops quiz children's TV presenter

"Detectives said a man in his 80s was interviewed under caution after his home was searched by officers."

"TV criminologist [sic] Mark Williams-Thomas claimed the showbiz figure in the latest arrest was a children’s presenter, who cannot be named for legal reasons." [oh, don't be coy, Mark, or do they just have to be dead, before you will? ...]

[... ah, depends on how safe you feel, eh, Mark? - shameful.]


********** Being Questioned By Police Over Jimmy Savile Investigation

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December 01, 2012 12:00AM

UK's Jimmy Savile child sex scandal linked to an Australian music legend

"AN Australian entertainer has been interviewed by Scotland Yard detectives in relation to one of the biggest sex scandals to rock the UK, a prominent child protection expert claimed last night.

Leading criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas - whose expose on British icon Jimmy Savile sparked a major investigation into some of the UK's biggest entertainers - last night tweeted the name of the man quizzed by detectives. But police will not confirm his name."

November 30, 2012

Fanning the flames in the Ethical Vacuum

"However, someone, who self evidently didn't get their information from either the media or officially from the Metropolitan Police, was very keen that the Internet should be given a new football to kick around. That someone was an ex-policeman.

Mark Williams-Thomas. A police constable who had finally climbed the greasy pole to get away from pounding the streets after 11 long years, and made it to Detective Constable - only to pack the job in a brief 12 months later. Mr Williams-Thomas claims to have '15 years in child protection' - the obvious inference from this statement, if not read in conjunction with his police record, would be that this was within a formal, professional environment such as the police. But he was only in the police for 12 years, and some of those would have been as a probationary PC. So a self made expert then?

When Mr Williams-Thomas first emerged from the police service, he described himself as a 'freelance investigative journalist'. A much misunderstood 'investigative journalist', certainly misunderstood by one of his first subjects who was under the erroneous impression that Williams-Thomas was trying to blackmail him rather than document wrong doing within his organisation, a matter happily discharged by a jury.

A man who has since reinvented himself as a 'child protection' expert and talking head of choice to several TV stations whenever the issue of child abuse comes up. Madeleine McCann, Tia Sharp, Ashleigh Hall. A man who says he is all too well aware of the dangers to children posed by the Internet...and the need for, in his view, 'policing' of the Internet.

For the internet is full of people with sexually deviant desires - the level of danger goes way beyond even the most worried parent's imagination.

Now why would someone who wants to see the Internet more effectively regulated and policed, ignore the restrained and professional behaviour of his ex-colleagues and the new found restraint of the print media - and, surely unintentionally, surely, be the cause of much possibly libellous chatter, speculation and gossip on the Internet by naming - and 'hash-tagging' with 'Savile' and 'Sexual' the mystery 80 year old as [redacted]?

The cynical amongst us, including myself, could almost believe that it was in such a persons interests to fan the flames in the 'Ethical Vacuum'. Either that or he is a complete dipstick.

I can feel only sympathy for [redacted] - and his wife. We have absolutely no idea whatsoever why he was interviewed. It could have been as tenuous as having been named as an 'alibi' by someone else. At 80 years old though, at the end of his life, when he should have been reflecting with some satisfaction on his legacy, he is now subject to endless speculation on the Internet that he may be connected with such a vile practice as Paedophilia [sic]. Responsible people in the police and media gave him the benefit of the doubt pending concrete information, and chose not to link his name to Savile and the various allegations.

Mark Williams-Thomas didn't.

'Why not'? - is a question I shall ponder more over the coming weeks."

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