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PUBLISHED: 23:29, 3 November 2012 | UPDATED: 11:00, 5 November 2012

Police cautions lead to a 100-year criminal record that can wreck prospects of getting a job or going to university

"Growing numbers of people are being turned down for jobs and university places because they accepted police cautions for minor offences without realising they would give them a criminal record.

New figures show that cautions showed up on 153,000 Criminal Records Bureau checks carried out last year, allowing employers to stop candidates working with children or in health and social care.

Young people caught shoplifting or taking part in drunken pranks are agreeing to sign the statements in the mistaken belief they will be wiped from databases after a few years, not realising that they remain on file until they turn 100."

Published on Tuesday 6 November 2012 09:39

Fury as dozens of sex offenders let off with cautions

"Dozens of sex offenders and paedophiles [sic] in Lancashire have been let off with cautions, 
figures have revealed.

Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show Lancashire Police gave out 68 cautions for sex offences in 2011.

Among them, 12 unconditional cautions, two reprimands and three warnings were issued for sexual assaults on a females aged 13 and over.

And one unconditional caution and three warnings were given out to people for sexual assault on females under 13-years-old.

One warning was given for sexual activity involving a child under 13 and a further two unconditional cautions were given for soliciting for the purpose of prostitution.

Figures from 2006 show that two cautions, eight unconditional cautions, one reprimand and six warnings were given out for sexual assault on a female aged 13 and over.

And for sexual assault on a female under 13-years-old there were two unconditional cautions and one warning.

Other figures for 2006 show that there was one unconditional caution for the rape of a female child under 13, one unconditional caution for sexual grooming and two unconditional cautions for soliciting for the purpose of prostitution.

The number of cautions, warnings and reprimands for all offences has reduced overall."


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