Thursday, 8 November 2012


Thursday 8 November 2012 18.51 GMT

Gay barman was killed by teenager in panicked frenzy after sexual encounter

"Ryan Esquierdo, 19, admits strangling Stuart Walker, 28, and setting his body alight after pair met by chance on walk home

The brutal killing of Stuart Walker left the town of Cumnock in shock.

A teenager has admitted killing a gay barman and then setting his body alight after he flew into a rage when they discussed his confused sexuality.

Ryan Esquierdo, 19, attacked Stuart Walker, 28, and choked him to death after the pair had met one night while they were separately walking home in Cumnock, East Ayrshire, in October last year.

Esquierdo confessed that he had fallen into an "uncontrollable rage" after Walker, who worked in a local hotel bar, had tried to comfort him after he admitted being unsure about his sexuality. The two men then had sexual relations in a local industrial estate, sparking off a violent, sustained attack on Walker by Esquierdo, who then set Walker's body alight to conceal the evidence and then lied to police about the attack."

Teen killed gay barman in ‘uncontrollable rage’ and then set body on fire, court hears

Ryan Esquierdo admits killing Stuart Walker in Cumnock

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