Thursday, 15 November 2012

Really Lord Alistair And Boris? - Why And What Do You Intend To Do To Change It?

Thursday 15 November 2012

'It rots your life' - Lord McAlpine speaks out over 'terrifying' experience of being falsely accused of paedophilia [sic]

“Boris [Johnson] got it right. There is nothing as bad as this that you can do to people,” he said. “Because they [paedophiles [sic]] are quite rightly figures of public hatred. And suddenly to find yourself a figure of public hatred, unjustifiably, is terrifying.”

BBC settles libel claim in child abuse story

Lawyers acting for Lord McAlpine draw up list of Twitter users for potential legal action

Editorial: A watershed moment for Twitter and the law

Why those who named Lord McAlpine on Twitter should be very concerned (legal analysis)



Oh, and as for the whole issue (let us recall, Lord Alistair, you were the first person to confirm your name, publicly, on this occasion), a few things stink, very badly, about it, and it is being worked on (is your memory that impaired, that you have forgotten the recorded past?).


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