Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Now Look What You Have Done, Chris

6 November 2012 Last updated at 16:32

Sex offender in Facebook court challenge

"A convicted sex offender has launched a legal bid to force Facebook to remove a page set up to monitor paedophiles [sic] in Northern Ireland.

The man, who cannot be identified, is also seeking an injunction to stop his photograph and details from appearing on the social networking site.

He claims the case is urgent because he is at real and immediate risk.

Proceedings were brought before the High Court over the Facebook page, 'Keeping our kids safe from predators'.

The man, known only as XY, as he was granted anonymity in court, is currently out on licence after serving a prison sentence for sexual offences.

Following his release he discovered his photo and threatening comments had been posted online.

The judge hearing the case, Mr Justice McCloskey, said: "He deposes to fear and anxiety. He avers that there is a marked change of attitude on the part of his neighbours."

The man, who said he was in poor health, wants Facebook Ireland Ltd to terminate the accounts of anyone operating the page.

His lawyers argue that the company should also be restrained from permitting those responsible from publishing, distributing, broadcasting or disseminating any further information about him on the site."


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Sex offender sues Facebook over pedophile [sic] page


Keeping our kids safe from predators 

Well, it is NI


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