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Sat, 10 Nov 2012 6:00p.m.

Govt sex offender register under consideration

"Sex offenders could soon be on a register that would monitor them for the rest of their lives.

The Corrections minister has proposed the register after a spate of recent incidents where convicted sex offenders were found to be working in schools. But there are fears it could create a false sense of security.

The man dubbed the “Beast of Blenheim” has become a well known face to most New Zealanders, but there are plenty of other convicted sex offenders who aren't.

One example is TRHM, who despite being a convicted sex offender was still able to work in six schools over six years.

The police minister says having a register would mean the Government would be able to keep track of that type of offender.

“There are requirements on those offenders almost for the rest of their life – that they register, that we know where they are,” says Corrections Minster Anne Tolly. “We know if there are any major changes in their life that may trigger more offending. So it's a long-term management regime for these really very difficult people who cause considerable grief to members of our community.”

“It made my day,” says Garth McVicar of the Sensible Sentencing Trust. “[It’s] very exciting news. It just makes common sense.”

The Sensible Sentencing Trust has had their own register for a decade.

Naming and shaming is the best form of rehabilitation you can have,” says Mr McVicar. “Put these guys on the website so the public knows who's amongst them. [It is the] best form of rehab you can get. But ultimately the feedback we're getting from the public is they're able to protect their children [sic] from these offenders.”"

Tolley keen to establish sex offenders register
Labour's Charles Chauvel says the government needs to show it can look after private data before it's allowed to establish a register of sex offenders 

Published: 12:02PM Wednesday November 14, 2012 

Sex offenders register to also monitor violent criminals

"A planned sex offenders register will also monitor some of the country's most violent criminals.

After a fact-finding trip to Britain, police minister Anne Tolley has unveiled more details about her proposal.

The database will track those convicted of habitual violence, and likely to be subject to an extended supervision order, as well as sex offenders.

Tolley also favours establishing different criteria, depending on perceived risk. Offenders will be required to register periodically and inform police of any changes to their home address, employment or relationship status.

''The English have convinced me that it should be violent and sexual offenders ...The ones who have a record of continual violent behaviour, they are the ones that put the community most at risk when they disappear off.''"

Sex offender register's scope expanded

Government to start work on sex offender register

Labour asks: 'Who will monitor sex offenders?'

National not resourcing to monitor registered sex offenders

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