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Oh Please No, For Her Sanity And The Good Of Society

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"Asian sex gang have ripped my life apart... but I can help others

Samantha's open letter to David Cameron

Dear Prime Minister, I am contacting you regarding sentencing for rape.

My name is Samantha Roberts and I am 18. I was gang raped by four Asian men when I was just 12 ...

You Have Not Defeated Me - Tougher Sentences for Child Sex Offenders

Our ePetition - Law Reform for Child Sex Offences


Petition for Justice Reform of Child Sex Offences

Responsible department: Ministry of Justice

We, the undersigned, on this 19th day of May 2012, petition Her Most Excellent Majesty's Ministry of Justice to undertake and enact as follows:

- To prevent 'ostensible consent' being a defence to the rape or sexual exploitation of any child under the age of consent, and particularly children of ages 13 or under.

- To prevent offenders from presenting defences afforded beyond the capacity of any reasonable child, with respect to their development as children, particularly in view of the way they choose to dress (freedom of expression) or when under the influence of alcohol or when particularly vulnerable.

- To provide for a tighter statutory minimum mandatory sentance for all cases of child rape or sexual exploitation, of not less than 15 years on each count.

- To become compliant as a State Party with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, in preventing the torture of children in the United Kingdom and taking any steps necessary to acheive this.

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The Phoenix Post 

What an incredibly brave and courageous Phoenix Samantha is, we send our most sincere love and support to her, we must all do what we can to show her we are behind her.... 7 hours ago · Like · 8

Jo-anne Rose How brave. I hope mr Cameron takes note of her letter and acts on it. Its about time sentencing was totally reformed. U get 25 yrs for robbing a bank but 3 yrs for destroying someones life [sic]. Its clear whats more in important. We live in a sad world where money and material things are worth much more than people or animals [we agree on that]. I think maybe Mr Cameron needs chalenging on that. Why do those bank notes get better justice than real people who have suffered real pain ?

6 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 4 Richard Bougeard Awesome, what a brave Lady. Signed and shared their petition :) xx 3 hours ago · Like · 3

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When The Sun et al have finished exploiting Ms Roberts and 'mentally-raping' her, all over again, Ms Roberts needs (and wants, we suggest) to move on with her life.

The last thing she needs, is a tiny, irrelevant, discredited collective, of frauds, disinformers and amateurs affecting her from doing so.

Ms Roberts' (and her supporters) confusions and lack of knowledge, are already apparent from the comments, in their pieces; they do not need any more.

Please give her the greatest gift you can - let her be, the experts are there if she needs them.



  1. I'd prefer it if you didn't refer to my fiance being raped in any context. You're quite entitled to your view, and you're quite right about the Sun. But what I can assure you is that there is sufficient expertise. Rape victims are very under-represented, so it is easy for people like you to refer them as a discredited collective of frauds. Sara Payne's daughter was murdered by a paedophile, and she subsequently fought for and obtained law reform. Shy Keenan is a voice of support for under-represented victims, as her attacker was let out after just 7 years. I assure you that Sammi isn't confused or has any lack of knowledge, she has much more knowledge than you as she was raped repeatedly and tortured by more than the four men you read about in the Sun. We have much more reliable coverage from other sources. It is my expertise she is using to support this campaign, and I am very established in the legal field, and I am a former nurse. I would appreciate it if you do not ever again use a rape metaphor in the same sentence as my future wife. There is no set expertise on this issue because we are proposing a change in the law completely. The key is that the experts, other than the Attorney-General, were never there when Sammi needed them. I urge you to reconsider, what to me, seems like a very strong and purely anecdotal opinion. If there is any specific expertise you'd like to share, then share it.

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