Thursday, 31 May 2012

Second Reply To Mr Steven Walker of 'You Have Not Defeated Me'

As is only appropriate, we will post (and respond to) Mr Walker's second contact, in full:

"Actually, she was raped by far more than one man, you evidently have trouble reading facts."

That is the unverified and unproven claim of an accuser (who was under drink and drugs, at the time of the alleged attack), unless you can show otherwise? 

It is not truth. 

As no other person has yet been found guilty, it is not legal fact.

"The claims made are a true account,"

See above.

"and the legal basis is technically correct."

See above.

"As well as having prosecuted quite a few criminals and organisations in the past, our expertise is formed from close collaboration with expert judges, barristers, ministers, professionals and solicitors. "

Your expertise?

You are a young man who has opened up a public Facebook page, nothing more, at this time. 

Although, we are compelled to say, 'you' do have the stink of The Sun about 'you'.

"So again you have failed to check your facts." 

See above.

"We are not activists against paedophiles, we are calling on the government for law reform."

The same thing, but, it is your prerogative, to do so, legally.

"I assure you Mr Oldfield"

We are The OSC.

"that you can stalk me as much as you wish, " 

Once again, your legal knowledge is faulty.

"much information about me is publicly available. I do give you a clear warning though, I condemn your kind, and so does society, paedophiles are every child's nightmare."

Rarely 'children', just ignorant, fearful and vested-interest adults - we do sympathise with why such adults are in that mindset. Some can know no better, many have been lied to and disinformed.

"I do not wish harm to you or anybody else, "

Your veiled threats against Dr Oldfield have been noted.

"but should you step out of line I will send you back where you belong, and you already know how easy that is." 

Now unveiled, and you have named yourself, in public.

"I also find it interesting you're too afraid to post my actual comment."

Your comment has now been posted in full.

"See you in the magistrates court."

That is your prerogative.


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