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TPP 'Speak Outside Their Sphere Of Expertise'

22:36, 7 May 2012 | UPDATED: 22:36, 7 May 2012

Sara Payne backs call to block online porn as she says images could encourage perverts to turn fantasies into reality

"The mother of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne last night backed the Daily Mail’s campaign for an automatic block on online pornography.

Sara Payne said she feared easy access to hardcore images on the web could encourage perverts to turn their fantasies into reality.

The campaigner, whose eight-year-old daughter was abducted and killed by paedophile [sic] Roy Whiting, called on the Government to intervene to protect youngsters.

Sara Payne has backed the Daily Mail's campaign for an automatic block on online pornography.

Support: Mother of murdered school girl Sarah Payne, left, Sara Payne, right, has added her backing to the Daily Mail's campaign to limit access to porn online.

Her comments will increase pressure on David Cameron to introduce the toughest possible protections.

Mrs Payne said: ‘We think it should be an opt in – something you actively choose.

‘We have a duty to protect our children from being morally and emotionally corrupted from images that serve as a gateway to a bad and dangerous place.

‘We are not saying this applies to everyone who looks at pornography but sex should be a consensual activity by adults.’"

"Shy Keenan, who founded paedophile [sic] victim support group Phoenix Chief Advocates [now defunct] with Mrs Payne, added that sex crime victims often said that their attackers were influenced by pornography. She said: ‘The evidence cannot be ignored that for a small number of people, looking at extreme pornography can lead to violent acts.

‘The number of times we have heard of people with the most disgusting indecent images of children who say they started with regular pornography.

‘Every single attack on a child starts out as a fantasy. The number of fantasies that become reality depends on the individual and their lifestyle.’"


Sara Payne backs call to block online porn as she says images could encourage perverts to turn fantasies into reality




Ms Payne and Ms Keenan are past 'experts' in stating the 'incorrect not-obvious' and capitalising on tragedy, as will be shown, in future pieces. They are amongst the fading dinosaurs, of a decade of misinformation, professional victim-hood and exploitation (including, of themselves); for the record, were you paid for this article, ladies, and how much?

In regards to this article, readers' comments speak for themselves ...

"In a word pathetic. I’m not sure how you got Sara Payne involved, because an opt in is really going to stop paedophile murderers isn’t it. Sara Payne has damaged her credibility by associating herself with such hysterical Daily Mail Nonsense This 'campaign' is costing you readers DM. Even the po faced feminists in the Guardian are openly laughing at you. - As, London, 8/5/2012 8:02"

"I see they are now wheeling out the tried and tested old faithful,s. Just how is the opt in law these zealots are demanding going to stop perverts ? they will simply opt in but as said this woman who suffered a tragedy is being used to try to gather sympathy for their cause . Parents are responsible for their children. Stop leaving your responsibilities to the Government and schools - Duncan W, Samui, Thailand, 8/5/2012 1:48"

"Go and read the (uncensored) comments in the Guardian ridiculing the Daily Mail and its pathetic and hypocritical campaign. Sarah Payne has lost a lot of credibility supporting this tripe. Countries like Germany, Holland and Denmark which have had relatively free access to hard-core pornography since the 1960s have a much lower child sex offending rate than ‘repressed’ Britain. And wasn’t the DMs campaign “won’t someone think of the children”…. So now it is to block ‘potential paedophiles from getting access to porn too….. Make up your minds DM… or haven’t you thought this ridiculous campaign through properly?? - Paul L, London, 8/5/2012 9:06"

"What happened to Mrs Payne was appalling, but doesn't automatically make her a policy expert. Something as important as personal freedom and access to information should be decided by evidence-based policy, not by a single tragedy created by an outlier. I am a porn-consuming male, harmless (especially to children), and to be grouped in with Whiting makes my blood boil. He and me, we are not alike. - Richard, Out and about, 8/5/2012 7:53"

"I'm losing respect for her with allowing herself to be dragged in with the censor it lot. Hard core legal sites are completely different from the sites she appears to be on about. She also seems to forget that while the sites are visible people are getting caught. The ban will only drive pervs underground where they will continue with much less chance of getting caught. I find it funny that it started with the Perry woman - then to a kid watching - then to illegal sites - then yesterday face book. By time it's finished the DM site will also be illegal or haven't the DM thought about that? - FIGHT FOR FREEDOM! - Pete, Lincs, 8/5/2012 7:00"

"One can only have every sympathy for what Sara Payne has been through but when the Mail, Shy Keenan et al - start trying to ban (blocking is only the start) ordinary pornography by attempting to link it to paedophile activity in whatever flimsy way - haven't they already lost the argument? - Billy O, NZ, 8/5/2012 5:24"

"All this campaigning is clearly taking it's toll on Sara's health. She should invest her time and energy into getting help and therapy for herself to help her deal with her horrible losses. - Chris, Belfast, 8/5/2012 1:46"

"Sorry, Mrs Payne. We all understand your loss and sadness. But this is backing the wrong horse. If this were the case, everyone would be consumed with the desire to act out the "fantasies" portrayed by all the images available online, pornographic or otherwise. But it isn't the case. Despite stories like this, the vast, overriding majority of people who go online know the difference between fantasy and reality. The few remaining cases who don't would be a threat to society one way or another anyway. Helping this (and any other) government to impose censorship on the internet will not solve anything at all. - Doomsayer, Southend, Essex, The PC Reich, 7/5/2012 23:39"



"The Phoenix Post If you can please take moment to read and vote up or down on the comments below the Daily Mail 'opt in' story, we get the feeling we are being trolled and seriously misrepresented, many thanks Phoenix supporters S&S xxabout an hour ago · Like · 1"




Because, that is so important in PR ...

No ladies, you are now reaping what you have sown; you were advised, over the years.

The post was removed, minutes later - screenshot available.


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