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Published on May 7, 2012

"by Rosieforchange

The other evening I came across a post on boychat called A Morally Impossible Disorder what do you think?

When I clicked on this link it took me to a blog posting. The blog is called The OSC Always Winning.

OSC is online sexual offender community. [Is it?]

This site seems really upset about the a Facebook page called The Phoenix [We welcome it and have said so]

The FB page is a page that educates [sic] on pedophilic sexual offenders [sic].

Badcop69 is posted on this site and the site is affiliated with Nigel Oldfield

One of the things I came across is badcop69 using Newgon Wiki as a resource to push his views.

Newgon Wiki is a pro-pedophilia wiki. [Is it?]

It seems the purpose of this OSC blog is to promote pedophilia propaganda [sic]. [Does it seem that way?]

Category: Nonprofits & Activism
Tags: pedophilia propaganda, anti-pedophile activism, child sexual abuse, badcop69, CcriticalEstoppeIMM [sic], The OSC always winning, pedophilia, child abuse"


Comment: TY Rosie.


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