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Barbaric In Tooth And Mind, However It Is Dressed-Up

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4 hours ago

Today we want to talk a bit about why we don't support the death penalty. Gloves off, no swearing and no name calling.

Now if you are asking us what we think, here are a few things that we think..

.Speak to those victimised by paedophile crimes [sic] and many will tell you that they wish 'natural causes' would hurry up and meet their abusers, it's perfectly normal and natural to have such feelings towards bad people [sic] and therefore just goes without saying [sic], plus, it's just not good for your good soul to waste too much time in such a dark places [then you are failing, completely].

We don't want to become killers to stop bad people. [sic]

We want a justice system that can properly react and proactively protect the public from paedophile crimes. [sic]

We want convicted paedophiles [sic] to spend the rest of their lives working in a jail to pay their own way.

Too many people scream 'hang them' which although is an opinion to be respected [sic], often seems to be done instead of actually doing any child protecting. And is, in and of itself, completely bloody useless to child protectors - as it is illegal in this country.

Sooo Yaay, let's waste another one hundred years arguing for the unachievable [sic] - instead of doing what can be done to protect the public from them...woo hoo

But just for arguments sake, let's just pretend for a moment that the law in this country did allow you to put to death every single convicted paedophile [sic] for every paedophile crime [sic], it is still closing the door after the paedophile [sic] has....well you know.

What is more, if the death sentence really worked as a deterrent, there would be no offending/re-offending Paedophiles [sic] in those countries that have it [where would that be, for these offences?], no full to bursting death rows [ditto].

This FB page alone should prove [how?] that our society (and its system) does not do 'all it can do' to stop them, let alone properly punish or manage them, let alone properly protect the public from them and really don't need another pointless distraction from getting on with putting these things right.

We'd prefer to focus our actual efforts on what we can actually do [when will youbnegin?], than spend our life just swearing about what we can't, first things first, we need to work together to challenge what we can clearly see is wrong [sic], Shy & Sara xx Now you say words :0) x Like · · Share

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Laura Spirelass Batterham Totally agree.. as a survivor myself the immediate reaction is to want them dead and I had tht wish when he passed from natural causes and I went to see 'it ' in the chapel of rest.. did it make me feel good ? No ... DID IT MAKE ME FEEL HAPPY ? NO..It made me feel cheated that he never paid for what he did..Life should mean life .. kept away from society and spending the rest of their lives contributing to prison life.. I fear more will join not less.. Hopefully one day paedophiles [sic] will get the punishment that fits the crime.. 4 hours ago · Like · 6 The Phoenix Post

You are genuinely representative of many of those we speak to Laura, your words speak for so many thank you for posting xx 4 hours ago · Like · 5

Jo-anne Rose I can totally understand where Laura is coming from. And cos I have felt the same I agree with what Shy and Sara are saying. They should be locked up and properly punished. Putting them to death is no justice. They are out of their misery while the victims are left with the life sentence. 4 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 4

Terrijayne Tj Butler ive never been affected by paedophile crimes [sic] and i must admit i used to be in the brigade of hang em chop all their bits off but ive learnt with ur help ladies that it actually slows down any real change that we need and also helps the offender 3 hours ago · Like · 2

Laura Spirelass Batterham I personally dont use the word ' victim' for those of us still here.. those of usstill here and not letting them win r survivors and stronger than they will ever be x 3 hours ago · Like · 4

Susan Baker Imagine the survivor guilt [imagine], no natter how misplaced. I believe it would put people off coming forward to report crimes, particularly as most people know their abuser(s) etc. 3 hours ago · Like · 3

Stephanie Pollock I support a life for a life, if u take away a life, u lose urs to jail, no second chance and no parole, I dont support the death penalty as its too quick and far too easy for the offenders not to suffer, why should they get off so easy, when they leave nothing but devastation for the survivors for their crimes [sic] 26 minutes ago · Like · 1"



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