Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Stupid And Dangerous Should Have Their Passports Confiscated

Published: Today at 01:29

"Hol Brits call cops in pool paedo row


FURIOUS Brits called cops to a holiday hotel amid fears that paedophiles [sic] were targeting children at a pool.

The tourists became suspicious as a group of Libyan men took pictures of blonde youngsters then called a three-year-old girl over to them.

Three men were surrounded by about 80 angry holidaymakers at the Sahara Beach Hotel in the Tunisian resort of Monastir. There were threats and cries of “Paedos” [sic] as police took the men away.

Transport worker Steven Stratton said a Libyan in a suit had waved at his daughter Lexi to join his friends in the resort’s entertainment area.

Dad-of-three Steven, 28, said: “They had been taking pictures of blonde children round the pool. I grabbed Lexi and asked them what they thought they were playing at.”

Steven, of West London — who was on holiday with wife Sue, 34 — said: “People started getting very angry. The police tried to calm things.”

Cops called ... Sahara Beach Hotel, Monastir, Tunisia

It is thought police quizzed three Libyans but decided there was nothing sinister and let them go.

A spokesman confirmed a “serious incident” was being investigated.

Thomas Cook said its resort team had offered families “every assistance possible”.



Thanks for the pic, Steve [satire].


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