Thursday, 31 May 2012

Reply To Mr Steven Walker of 'You Have Not Defeated Me'

As is only appropriate, we will post (and respond to) Mr Walker's contact, in full:

"I'd prefer it if you didn't refer to my fiance being raped in any context."

We appreciate your position.

We are sure you will appreciate the context in how it was used; we reserve the right to some creativity in our posts.

"You're quite entitled to your view,"

Thank you.

"and you're quite right about the Sun."

Thank you. 

We do hope that you have not fallen for their 'charms'; they are dangerous, divisive and exploitative liars (now being shown to be criminal).

"But what I can assure you is that there is sufficient expertise." 

In what way, Mr Walker?

"Rape victims are very under-represented,"

We disagree with you, until you can show why.

In fact, the system is clearly-skewed in the accuser's favour, before and after trial.

"so it is easy for people like you to refer them as a discredited collective of frauds."

We have been following (and archiving) the 'work' of many groups, for nearly a decade. 

We have all we need to prove our claims. That we do not use it, to discredit, for no good reason, indicates that is not our priority; however, we will, whenever needs be.

"Sara Payne's daughter was murdered by a paedophile, " 

Incorrect, Mr Whiting is not and has have never been a Paedophile (by any correct measure). 

The death of Sarah was a tragic event, which could have been easily-avoided.

Attempting to rewrite history will never change that.

"and she subsequently fought for and obtained law reform."

Trivial, token gestures, from populist governments, vote-chasing, so as to placate the simple masses; none of which would save a 'Sarah of Today'.

It was (and is), of course, Ms Payne's prerogative.

"Shy Keenan is a voice of support for under-represented victims, as her attacker was let out after just 7 years." 

One of. That is how Justice works. 

What we think, personally, of Ms Keenan, her actual history and her methods, is not relevant, here.

"I assure you that Sammi isn't confused or has any lack of knowledge," 

Some of the claims made in your documentation suggest otherwise. We have also watched Ms Roberts' video and listened to the radio piece.

"she has much more knowledge than you " 

Evidently not, not where it matters.

"as she was raped repeatedly and tortured by more than the four men you read about in the Sun." 

Technically, yes, she was raped by one man -  that is unacceptable and the guilty have been punished.

"We have much more reliable coverage from other sources." 

We are aware of them and how 'reliable, credible and investigative' they are.

"It is my expertise she is using to support this campaign, and I am very established in the legal field, and I am a former nurse."

Then you should check and correct your claims; a solicitor would be a good start.

"I would appreciate it if you do not ever again use a rape metaphor in the same sentence as my future wife."

With respect, at this time, 'you' are just one more amateur splinter group of the Child 'Protection Industry; they come, they go. 

Some are noble and to be respected, some are not.

We will follow 'your' progress and 'assess' 'you', as time passes (and post as we see fit); our work is never 'personal'.

"There is no set expertise on this issue because we are proposing a change in the law completely. The key is that the experts, other than the Attorney-General, were never there when Sammi needed them."

There is nothing new in your proposals, which have not been considered before.

"I urge you to reconsider, what to me, seems like a very strong and purely anecdotal opinion."

That is your prerogative.

"If there is any specific expertise you'd like to share, then share it."

We are not, primarily, 'victim advocates'; there are more than enough of those.

We wish you both luck, in helping create a truly safer society, for all.



  1. Actually, she was raped by far more than one man, you evidently have trouble reading facts. The claims made are a true account, and the legal basis is technically correct. As well as having prosecuted quite a few criminals and organisations in the past, our expertise is formed from close collaboration with expert judges, barristers, ministers, professionals and solicitors. So again you have failed to check your facts. We are not activists against paedophiles, we are calling on the government for law reform. I assure you Mr Oldfield that you can stalk me as much as you wish, much information about me is publicly available. I do give you a clear warning though, I condemn your kind, and so does society, paedophiles are every child's nightmare. I do not wish harm to you or anybody else, but should you step out of line I will send you back where you belong, and you already know how easy that is. I also find it interesting you're too afraid to post my actual comment. See you in the magistrates court.

  2. Posted for completeness.

    The OSC.