Sunday, 27 May 2012

So, Why Then, Are You Harassing and Defaming Him?

Published: Today at 01:29

"I’m off the sicko [inflammatory and offensive] list

Perv [inflammatory and offensive] who's 'too ill' to be on sex register out on sunshine stroll

Out and about ... no cares for 'ill' AT


A PERVERT [inflammatory and offensive] takes a healthy stroll in the sun — after winning the right to be taken off the Sex Offenders Register [sic] by saying he was too ill to be a risk to kids. [sic]

Paedophile [sic] AT, 60, paved the way for 24,000 sex fiends [sic] to escape the list by persuading judges it wasn’t fair for them to stay on it for life.

After his legal victory 15 months ago, he said: “I can hardly get about. I’ve arthritis and a heart problem — I may be in a wheelchair within months.” But there was no sign of any disability aid as T, who served four years for indecent assault, went on a walkabout last week.

We watched as he hopped on to a bus near his home on the outskirts of Newcastle — and then roamed between amusement arcades in the city centre ..."



Mr Robin Perrie seems to have a thing for 'Paedos'; we will be watching his regress, closely.


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