Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rebekah Brooks - A Liar Or An Idiot?

Saturday 12 May 2012

Rebekah Brooks ‘did not predict’ Paulsgrove riots

"REBEKAH Brooks said she had not predicted the Paulsgrove riots which followed the News of the World’s naming of sex offenders.

Giving evidence at the Leveson enquiry the former News International chief executive, inset, said she does have regrets about the paper’s campaign to identify paedophiles [sic] when she was its editor in 2000.

She said: ‘I did not predict there was going to be a riot in Paulsgrove or that a member of the public would mistake a paedophile for a paediatrician.’

‘I do have some regrets about the campaign,’ she added. ‘Particularly the list of convicted paedophiles [sic] that we put into the paper.

‘I felt we made some mistakes by just going on an appearance in the Sex Offenders Act [sic], which wasn’t necessarily the right criteria.’

Friday, May 11, 2012

A liar or an idiot

"Apart from the new email showing further proof of the closeness between Jeremy Hunt and Fred Michel, the most crucial piece of evidence given by Rebekah Brooks today at the Leveson inquiry was that she didn't believe her publishing of the details of sex offenders in the News of the World in the aftermath of the kidnap and murder of Sarah Payne would lead to reprisals. 

There are only two conclusions you can draw from such apparent insouciance: either Brooks is a liar, or she's an idiot. 

Her entire campaign was designed to force politicians to do something, and she and her staff knew that the precise way to do that was to get into the public domain information that would almost certainly lead, if not to vigilante action, than at the very least abuse and protests against those named.

She perhaps didn't anticipate a paediatrician being targeted by mistake, but she absolutely knew what she was doing.

It's through this prism that you have to view the rest of her evidence, which was mostly mind-numbing in the extreme."

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