Thursday, 10 May 2012

Vested Interests Cause Logical Failure

May 8, 2012

Sara Payne Supports Opt-In Access to Pornography

"On the one hand, Keenan says that a proportion of sex crimes – including those on children – flow from sexual fantasy and an escalation of tastes in pornography. On the other hand, Payne and Perry emphasise the importance of freedom of choice and so only call for opt-in access for adults.

If the purpose of a block is to protect children from being attacked, like Payne’s own daughter, surely the only logical measure would be an absolute block and the criminalisation of pornography.

Indeed, Payne specifically refers to the child’s moral and emotional protection – but not physical protection. This suggests that what’s important is the preservation of the child’s status as innocent, that somehow they are stained after an attack.

Given that the majority of sex crime victims are female, the need to protect the innocence of the child seems to raise gender issues. It also raises the question as to the moral status of the adult.

Why is it OK to all the adult to be corrupted? After all, it’s because the adult has been corrupted that the attack or abuse occurs in the first place. It seems that the call for opt-in access for adults reflects the economic and social mainstreaming of the sex industry."

Dizzy Thinks: Blocking porn: just another step on the road to slavery

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