Sunday, 13 May 2012

The 'Ethical Sun' Never Learns

12th May 2012

Dragons’ Den star raped at 12

"DRAGONS’ Den star Hilary Devey has revealed the terrible secret she kept for 43 years — she was raped aged 12.

Multi-millionaire Hilary, 55, was attacked repeatedly by a man near her parents’ pub in Lancashire.

In her searing autobiography Bold As Brass — serialised in The Sun this week — she said: “I couldn’t stop him from taking what he wanted.""

"BOLD As Brass: My Story by Hilary Devey is published by Pan MacMillan. Price £16.99."

11th May 2012

I lost my little girl to a child sex monster

"There is a view that the girls are to blame, and that, because they are brainwashed into believing the men love them, that they almost welcome the abuse.

As a result of such attitudes prosecutions are extremely rare."



Stories all openly-promoted by TPP.

"News of the World. One hundred and sixty-eight years ago, it pledged: "Our motto is the truth, our practice is fearless advocacy of the truth." After today, the tabloid will appear no more, felled not by one royal rogue reporter but by the arrogance, ambition and apparent tolerance of systemic criminal behaviour by members of the senior News International management."

Guess who will be next?


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