Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Not a Paedophile, Does Not Walk Free, And Not Because of Dangerousness

12:37PM BST 14 Aug 2012

Convicted paedophile [sic] walks free [sic] because prison 'would make him more dangerous'

"A man convicted of child porn offences has walked free from court as the judge ruled sending him to prison would make him "dangerous", in a dilemma the judiciary "face again and again".

"This is a problem that judges face again and again in cases of this type," Southwark Crown Court heard.

DS, 59, was caught with a collection of images and videos on his laptop after police found he had been talking to a known paedophile [sic] online.

He spoke of abusing teenage girls and fantasised about allowing his imaginary daughters be raped by others.

Police found under 500 images on Swanton's computer, as well as 13 videos, many of which were at the very highest level of depravity [sic], Southwark Crown Court heard.

"It would be too short for you to get treatment for addiction - for it is an addiction - you would emerge from prison, in my view, as potentially dangerous.""

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