Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mark Williams-Thomas Needs To Pay For His Summer Holidays

12 Aug 2012 00:27

Twitter paedos [sic] exposed: Vile perverts [offensive and inflammatory] using social networking site to find victims [sic] and trade intelligence [sic]

"Within two minutes of searching we found 20 paedophiles [sic] wanting to abuse young children - and 200 in two hours [sic]

Suspect: Officers lead a man away from his east London flat Suspect: Officers lead a man away from his east London flat

Twitter is a paedophiles’ [sic] playground, with perverts [sic] using the site to swap vile images and videos of ­children, a shocking Sunday Mirror investigation has found [sic]

We uncovered disturbing evidence [sic] that hundreds of sex ­offenders [ah - sic] are operating on the social networking site and using it to find young victims [sic] and trade intelligence [sic]

After we tipped off police, Scotland Yard detectives carried out a ­dramatic dawn raid, arrested a man and woman at their flat and seized ­computer equipment.

Friday morning’s arrests came after we gave police details of a [a] Twitter profile, and direct messages that had been sent on the site.

Child protection expert [sic] Mark Williams-Thomas, a former ­[yes - interesting] detective who led our investigation [sic], said the use of Twitter by paedophiles [sic] was “out of control” [sic].

Some Twitter profiles even have names that openly suggest child abuse [sic], such as “pedo-bear” [Hahahahaha]. Others use pictures of semi-naked under-age girls and boys alongside their names.

The investigation [sic] is the first of its kind into Twitter."

‘Twitter paedophiles probe’: Two arrested in Newham


Olympics worker arrested over online child abuse charges as 200 [sic] paedophiles [sic] are tracked down on Twitter in just two hours 

Twitter is failing to police child pornography efficiently

19 Aug 2012 00:00

Clean up your act! Sunday Mirror campaign calls on Twitter to block paedophiles and shop them to police

"The social networking site has NO policy to act to keep its site free of child abusers unless it ­receives complaints

Crackdown: A suspect is led away after our probe Crackdown: A suspect is led away after our probe

Today the Sunday Mirror launches a campaign to force Twitter to get rid of the paedophiles who prowl it in search of young victims.

Backed by child protection experts, we demand that the website monitors its users and closes child abusers’ profiles, reporting them to police.

And we want links to sick child porn pictures, posted openly by these perverts on the site used by millions of youngsters, banned for good."

Twitter blasted for being "well out of their depth" as Sunday Mirror helps shut down over 35 paedo [not] profiles

Uncovering Twitter's 'most shocking' sex offenders [not]



MW-T selling his soul for cash, again.

No news, of any value, here.


Addendum (20/8/2012) - Now The Truth On SN

August 20, 2012 - 3:41PM

Facebook accused of being lax on child porn

"Facebook has been accused of allowing child pornography to proliferate thanks to a new meme in which users, some of them underaged, are encouraged to post naked pictures of themselves on the social media platform.

Kate Drury, a member of informal watchdog group The Watchers, has accused Facebook of allowing the creation and dissemination of child pornography to go unchecked via a rash of pages using variations on the "naked selfies" theme.

"These pages started a couple of weeks ago and there are clearly underage children on there," Ms Drury said. "It's disgusting and it's illegal, and these children need to understand that once it's up there it's up forever."

Ms Drury has taken her concerns to Crime Stoppers, the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Communications and Media Authority as well as Facebook. She has had a response from the federal police and the media authority has launched an investigation, but her emails to Facebook have gone unanswered. However, she notes that about eight pages have closed down in the past week.

However, others have sprung up in their place, often attracting thousands of 'likes' within hours of going live.

The Age is aware of at least 30 such pages on Facebook, some with almost 100,000 'likes'. Some of the pages appear to be linked to users in Queensland, and many feature images from a variety of sources. Some have clearly been submitted by users, others have been lifted or republished from similar pages on Tumblr, where the meme has been active for at least a year, and yet others appear to have been lifted from pornographic sites. Although female nudity is vastly more common, some contain images of naked men, and others feature images of sexual intercourse."  

Sunday Mirror launches clean up Twitter campaign

Sign up today: Join the Sunday Mirror campaign to force Twitter to block paedophiles from using the site [why?]
"We urge Twitter to rethink their stance": Government minister backs Sunday Mirror paedophile [sic] campaign

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