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David Stanley - We Will Not Rest, Good Friend

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In the memory of David Stanley

"The British police claimed that they found David Stanley hanging from a tree in a park in Portsmouth on February 1 2012. When we subsequently learned that they had been trying to section him, and that he was aware of this, it looked like this was a suicide as a final act of defiance against the state. But now it appears that it is also possible that this is what the police want us to believe and that the act of suicide confirms him to have been a nutter, as they were claiming in their campaign to discredit him.

The true facts will never now be known but consider this: Dave was the originator of the action against Operation Ore and the provider of the key evidence, which the state has accepted as genuine but refuses to look at. Each of the other individuals who openly tried to expose the travesty of Operation Ore, and who lived in the UK, was hit in one way or another by the UK police, resulting either in their being discredited or intimidated.

Incontrovertible evidence is now presented of huge credit card fraud on the Landslide system used by the UK police and courts to ruin thousands in Operation Ore. David’s case is highlighted as it is easier to understand and he is the one who secured the withheld evidence from Texas, fought a long fight and finally sacrificed his life."

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Act of defiance

"Response to this news from a UK reader

When I first heard of David Stanley's tragic death, I had wondered whether his decision to end his life may have been an act of defiance rather than an act of despair, a refusal to submit to some new twist of wickedness from our Moral Guardians. This disturbing news underscores for me the wisdom of the old bumper sticker: "Just because you're feeling paranoid doesn't mean that someone isn't out to get you."

If the information received by Inquisition21 proves true, it strongly suggests that our Infallible Moral Guardians were not content so see a brave and kind-hearted man forced to endure crushing poverty, irrecoverable loss and social abjection; they wanted to permanently silence him, too. If you're officially designated "mad" as well as "bad", the theory our coolly brutal rulers adhere to is that your cause will be finished. This cannot and will not be allowed to happen. David Stanley really was a hero, a quietly-spoken, gentle-hearted hero who made the ultimate sacrifice. His name will eventually emerge untarnished from the predations of a corrupt and unaccountable Power; of that I have no doubt. Far from burying him, this action immortalises him as a tribune of the voiceless and powerless against the vindictiveness and spite of the high and mighty. When I think of him, I feel inspired by his courage and commitment to truth, not flattened and despairing as our sadistic moral rulers would prefer. The Nazis thought they had scored a stunning victory when they drove Walter Benjamin to suicide; instead, his intellectual courage, his brilliant writings and his ethical integrity are remembered long after his premature death. Along with his persecutors' venal depravity.

Editor comments.

I have now heard from two individuals close to Dave before his death, who do not know each other, and both confirm this story. I have the name of one of the principal police officers involved."


"This website is dedicated to the memory of David Stanley

A gentle soul who had the courage to stand against the tyranny and injustice that he suffered.

Another victim of Operation ORE but he left us the evidence we needed.

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."

Thanks from all of us Dave - The fight goes on."

The Appalling Vista - the fight back against Operation Ore

Nine UK doctors are suspended after accusations of viewing child pornography


Feb 03 2012, 4:52 PM

David Stanley, RIP

"it was real hard to talk about things
that disagreed with the mass mind-control propaganda
the so-called "public opinion" created by media
and schools and churches
and all the other abusive institutions of societal control
but dave wasn't afraid
i'm not afraid anymore
thanks dave!"

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