Thursday, 2 August 2012

Get Abused, Win A Medal

11:00PM BST 01 Aug 2012

London 2012 Olympics: US Judoka Kayla Harrison overcomes horror of sexual abuse to aim for gold

"Kayla Harrison once considered suicide but, instead found the bravery to expose her judo coach and the sexual abuse she had been subjected to. Now she is bidding for gold. United States Judo player Kayla Harrison overcomes horror of sexual abuse to aim for Olympic gold

Remarkable strength: Kayla Harrison has come through adversity to find solace in the Olympic game.

Kayla Harrison is being asked to gaze back to the girl she once was and to relive the torment which once poisoned her.

“I feel incredibly sad for that little girl. I can still see her, I can still see her crying her eyes out and not knowing how to escape. But I’m happy for her because I know she had the courage to say, 'I won’t be that victim of sexual abuse’. Now she’s got engaged, lives in a beautiful beach town and is going for glory at the Olympics.”"

August 2, 2012

Kayla Harrison’s Winning Spirit: Takes First U.S. Gold in Judo, Speaks Out on Sexual Abuse

“It was just years and years of me being in the same environment, and wanting to please him,” says Harrison. “I thought I loved him. I thought that it was OK. I didn’t think it was OK – but I thought it would be all right, I guess. I was very, very confused. I was extremely depressed – those are turbulent years, and I was going through this at the same time. So, it sucked.” She lets out a laugh."

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