Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Nappy State

August 1, 2012

Man sentenced in child porn case

"According to a private evaluator, Dr. Dustin Wygnat, based on “scientific certainty” W presents a low risk to the community to act out sexually against children. W’s condition involves a fetish with diapers, not child pornography, Wygnat concluded.

“... of the tens of thousands of diaper-related files found on his computer devices, only a few dozen (less than 1 percent) contained child pornography (which he usually deleted, one discovered) were relatively very rare, incidental, and perhaps accidental to his download of legal yet odd diaper-related files,” attorney Dan Carman, PLLC wrote in W’s defense. “To treat R(W) the same as offenders who have had contact offense or who other wise pose a risk to others would not be just.” Carman goes on to state that W is not dangerous “but, in a sense, mentally ill” and should be placed in treatment and not jail for his offense.",0,4555399.story

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