Friday, 3 August 2012

Cuomo Up For Re-Election Again?

8:19 PM, Aug. 2, 2012

For sex offenders, a new beard will require new photo

"Cuomo signs three new bills Wednesday

ALBANY — The state is implementing tougher laws and regulations for sex offenders, requiring the most serious offenders to get a new photo every 90 days if they change their appearance.

That means a new beard, a different hair color or any major changes will require a new photo, said officials for Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Level III sex offenders, who have the highest risk of a repeat offense, have to report with the state every 90 days, so the new law wouldn’t require a new trip, but a new photo if their appearance changes.

For other sex offenders, they’ll have to notify state officials if they change their look. The measure was passed by the state Legislature during the legislative session that ended in June. Cuomo signed it into law Wednesday.

“These new laws, coupled with our comprehensive reforms, will better protect [sic] the public against sex offenders,” Cuomo said in a statement."|newswell|text|Local&nclick_check=1

NY to photograph sex offense convicts more often  

Thursday, August 9, 2012

No more sex offender laws until we fix the ones we already have

It's really that simple.

"I'm getting really sick of hearing about Governor Cuomo's "crackdown on sex offenders" and "making New Yorkers safer." Know why? Because it's one of the best examples of a knee-jerk reaction to a scary and heinous case ever."

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